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Coaxial BNC Male-RCA/Phono Male Home Security Cameras

Coaxial BNC Male RCA Cables and Connectors

Coaxial Cables with BNC and RCA connectors are used for connecting CCTV cameras and other audio-visual equipment to recording devices and monitors. These cables come in a number of configurations to suit the needs of the equipment being used. You can find various coaxial cables and learn about them here.

What is a BNC connector?

BNC is an acronym for the Bayonet Neill-Concelman style of coaxial connector that was patented in 1951. It was originally designed for radio-frequency cables but has become a connector for coaxial cabling. It has two bayonet lugs on its female connector that fully mate with the male connector with a quarter turn. BNC connectors are designed to have an impedance of 50 or 75 ohms. They work with signal frequencies below 4 GHz and voltages lower than 500 volts.

What is an RCA connector?

RCA connectors are named after Radio Corporation of America, the company that popularized them in the early 1940s. RCA connectors come in a couple of different types. Audio-only RCA connectors have a white and red male connector. They can also have a third yellow connector for a composite video signal. It is also possible to have only one RCA connector for a single channel of audio.

How should a cable be chosen?

There are three main considerations for choosing the right cable for your project.

  • Length: The first thing to consider is the length of the cable you need to connect the equipment for your project and whether you might need more length in the future.
  • Camera connectors: Look at the connectors your camera requires for its coaxial hookup to determine the connectors the cable will need on that end.
  • Recording-equipment connectors: Determine the connectors the other end of the cable needs to hook up to the equipment you want your camera connected to.
How is a BNC male connector installed?

BNC male connectors fit into the female connector, and a lug is turned a quarter-turn to mate them together.

How is an RCA male connector installed?

RCA male connectors are pushed into the female RCA plug until it is flush. It is important to determine which RCA connectors plug into which female sockets. The connector industry uses a widely followed color-coding scheme that should guide you properly, but check to make sure the labels on the female plug and the specifications of your cable match.

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