Choosing an Atomic Clock Hygrometer or Humidity Weather Meter

An atomic clock is meant to keep the most precise time there is, so when you're outside working in your garden or reading a book, you'll know when it's time to go inside or get to an event on time. In addition, checking the humidity can be helpful when you're wondering what the weather will be like on a certain day, especially when you're planting seeds and doing outdoor work that is temperature-dependent.

What Are Some Device Types?

These instruments are available in assorted types that measure specific weather aspects, so make sure to select the device you need based on your specific preferences.

  • You can use a hygrometer to measure relative humidity or absolute humidity. They can also be used as a humidity monitor outside, in small spaces, or for use in the soil. Many people use them in greenhouses, but you can hang one outside near your garden. Additionally, most units have a temperature sensor.
  • A weather station is a type of instrument that offers numerous sensors to measure various aspects of weather such as moisture in the air, the temperature, wind speed, or rainfall.
  • A barometer helps to measure the pressure in the air, called atmospheric pressure. Meteorologists use these as a determining factor when predicting the weather as changes in air pressure can signify a major weather change such as a temperature shift or even precipitation.

Which Brands Make Hygrometers?

Whether you're looking for a hygrometer or a humidity meter with added sensors, like a weather station, there are a few different brands from which to choose.

  • Models from La Crosse can offer an easy setup, a user-friendly interface, and numerous gauges to create an entire weather station that's portable.
  • An AcuRite model can work indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. They mount to any surface with ease and have multiple sensors, including a humidity sensor.
  • Check into Davis weather stations and receivers that offer multiple devices in one compact and sleek design.

What Are Some Available Features?

When you're looking for the right device, you may want to consider the available features to ensure you maximize the benefits of your hygrometer or humidity sensor.

  • A wireless design means you don't have to worry about finding a place to plug your hygrometer in, and you can also download information from the Internet using Wi-Fi capability.
  • Other features that may come in handy along with weather sensors include a date-and-day calendar, an atomic time clock, and heat index and dew point readings.
  • A weather station with numerous humidity sensors lets you place it in various locations so you can check the humidity levels in different spaces from one handy control station.