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Common Questions About Cisco 3 Layer Enterprise Network Switches

When you're responsible for the network for your business, you want to ensure that it's performing well and that troubles are kept to a minimum. Three-layer enterprise network switches, enterprise switches made with a three-layer hierarchical model, can help deploy, craft, and manage a scalable hierarchical network that's cost-efficient. If you're interested in keeping your network running at peak levels with the potential for growth in the future, head to eBay for the Cisco layer 3 switch among a wide selection of enterprise network switches there and ready for your network.

What is a 3 layer enterprise network switch?

Designed by Cisco, the three-layer enterprise network switch is a hierarchical model, also called the hierarchical internetworking model, and it has three layers:

  • Core layer: On the core layer, you'll find the biggest, quickest, and most expensive routers with higher model numbers. The core layer is the backbone of the network, its routers used to blend geographically separated networks. This layer moves information on the network at high speeds with packets moving as fast as possible.
  • Distribution layer: In the middle is the distribution layer that provides a boundary definition by putting access lists in place and other filters. In defining policy for the network, the distribution layer provides high-end 3 layer switches so the packets are properly routed between subnets and VLANs in the enterprise.
  • Access layer: On the access layer, access switches are connected to end devices like servers, computers, printers and more. The switches on this layer ensure the packets are sent to the end devices.
What are the benefits of 3 layer enterprise network switches?

There are many benefits of using Cisco's 3 layer hierarchical model, particularly when you want to build, launch and maintain a scalable cost-efficient hierarchical internetwork:

  • Improved performance: The 3 layer network model lets you create higher-performing networks.
  • Enhanced management and troubleshooting: The Cisco layer 3 switch gives you better network management access and abilities, allowing you to isolate the sources of trouble in the network.
  • Filter/policy creation: The switch allows better filter and policy creation and application.
  • Scalability: The Cisco 3 layer model was designed with future growth in mind and accommodates it well.
  • Better redundancy: The switch allows for better redundancy. The multiple links across several devices also allow for improved redundancy. If one switch goes down, there's another path to reach a given destination.
How do network switches work?

Because they connect many elements, including access points, lights, multiple PCs, printers, servers, and other hardware, network switches are a key element in your business's network. Network switches allow you to get and send information and to gain access to shared resources in a quick, secure, and transparent manner.

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