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How Do I know the Right LAN Network Switch to Use?

A network switch is a device that helps to centralize communications among multiple connected devices within one local area network(LAN). To be able to maintain uptime as well as keep the data center going, the organization should invest in the right hardware. Cisco switches are hardware devices that deliver a consistent, quality network experience while increasing productivity.

What Are the Benefits of Switches to Network Models?

Despite the fact that switching capabilities exist for different types networks, including ATM, RapidIO and Ethernet, a network switch is able to operate at one or more layers of the IOS model.

  • Provide traffic filtering: All models provide the basic traffic filtering functions which improve the network bandwidth.
  • Permit traffic flows: Switching circuits allow traffic flows to concurrently occur between multiple ports. Mainstream network switches support Gigabit Ethernet speeds per port. Home network switches can up to 8 users while SMB switches can support up to 128 users.

What Are the Must-Have Attributes of a Switch?

  • Fast: A good switch shouldn't succumb to latency. Instead, they should use cut-through to move things along. Uplink and server speeds should be gigabit to enable things like HD conferencing in an organization.
  • Power density: A switch should be able to support the power density of the intended devices by powering all ports at the highest levels.
  • Reliable: A switch should have a Long Mean Time Between Failure, good support from the manufacturer whenever there is an issue and should have a well-tested code to limit bugs.
  • Secure: A switch must have security features to be able to prevent attacks from rogue DCHP servers, MAC address floods, gratuitous ARP's changing the default gateway among other attacks that may launched via malware.

Why Pick a Cisco Switch?

  • Scale with your business: These provide scalable performance, integrated and flexible configurations so you don't have to waste not only time but also money on slow and expensive upgrades every now and then. Catalyst and Nexus switches aim to adapt to fluctuating needs across IT and firm.
  • Lower energy costs: These are specifically for saving on power while still providing optimal functionality. The stackable access switches are energy efficient and simple to configure and use. EnergyWise switching software is capable of reducing energy cost by up to 30 percent.
  • Data security: Management of data is critical, and these switches deliver maximum network uptime thus reducing any chances of a data breach or malicious attacks due to important systems going offline. Features such as VLANs, intrusion prevention, MACsec and firewall are some of the security capabilities available on these switches.

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