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Chip & Pepper is a clothing line that specializes in designer denim. While their men’s clothing line consists of jeans, shirts, shorts, and hoodies, they also make lightweight and typically boot cut Chip & Pepper jeans. In addition to the extensive line of men’s apparel and jeans, they also have a line called C7P, which is aimed at teens and young adults.

Who are Chip & Pepper?

Chip and Pepper (born Gavin and Drew) Foster are twins who were born in Canada but grew up dreaming of living in sunny California. Their strong belief that clothing just was not how it used to be in vintage years, had them set out to create their own brand of fashion. Chip & Pepper apparel revolves around their true loves, which are California beaches and Canadian mountain lakes.

What styles do Chip & Pepper offer?

Chip & Pepper men’s clothes offer denim jeans in many varieties and shapes. Designed with a free-spirited lifestyle in mind, their jeans are made of a fabric that is both lightweight and comfortable. Their classic fit, low-rise boot cut jeans are symbolic of the jean style worn by the movie stars of the 1940s and 1950s. The names of many of their jeans, such as Smooth Rock, Regina, or Six Mile Lake, originated from the founders having happy Canadian childhood memories. Their jeans collection includes a wide variety. Here are a few examples:

  • Tuck or private reserved distressed jeans.
  • Tie-die fashions
  • Bootcut, straight, flared or slim-straight legs
  • Button or zipper fly
What sizes do Chip & Pepper offer?

The Chip & Pepper men’s line is offered in various sizes. Chip & Pepper men’s jeans are available in waist sizes 28 inches to 40 inches, which come in lengths to fit men of many heights. Other apparel items of the Chip and Pepper men’s line come in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

What makes Chip & Pepper clothing different?

Many things make Chip & Pepper jeans different but none so much as their wide use of different washes. Chip’s knowledge of chemistry allows Chip & Pepper to continue to create new washes and continually make new styles of jeans. They also put a little of their Canadian heritage in each of the Chip & Pepper jeans. Each handcrafted pair of Chip & Pepper pants is individually detailed in old Levi mills used in the 1900s. Chip & Pepper denim jeans and all their products are made in America. Various things go into their jeans to make them different.

  • The inside of the pockets feature a picture of a deer looking into a New York skyline.
  • With each pair, a serial number-tagged to look like a Canadian $50 bill, they are considered collectibles.
  • Each pair features a Canadian maple leaf as their logo.
  • Features like selvedge denim detailing, champagne cotton stitching, and shark tooth stamp entail their signature.
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