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Why Should I Get an Audio Speaker Subwoofer Woofer?

Many of us who own car sound systems are only getting half the sound experience. Cerwin-Vega Audio subwoofers can round out the sound of your car audio system. If youre looking to upgrade your sound system, then check out our tips about the Cerwin-Vega Audio subwoofers.

What is a Subwoofer and a Woofer?

What are subwoofers and woofers anyway?

  • Subwoofers and woofers are the same kinds of speaker amplifiers but woofers are inside subwoofers in an enclosure.
  • Subwoofers amplify the bass line of a sound system.
  • These dual subwoofers add another layer of complexity to your sound system.
  • Most speakers are not capable of reproducing all of the sound waves necessary for a home theatre system.
  • Subwoofers pick up on the lower frequency bass sounds that speakers cannot.
  • Dual subwoofers are not necessary for any sound system but if you want to experience the full effect of your system they are strongly suggested.

How do I Set Up Subwoofers?

When you set up your subwoofer speakers, there are few things to keep in mind.

  • Youll want your dual woofer speakers to be balanced out in the space of your car.
  • When you balance your woofer speakers, youll get a more even sound.
  • Check out the watt and RMS power handling of your speakers. Use these specs to tune your car audio system to just the way you want it.
  • When determining how you should set up your subwoofer speakers, its good to consult an audio professional. Theyll help you get enhanced sound from your product.

What are Good Cerwin Vega Subwoofers?

There are several good Cerwin Vega speakers to choose from. They can be used in your car audio system, although some people have used them to replace dead speakers in their home theater systems.

  • Cerwin Vega V104D 800 Watt Max 10-in Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm Woofer
    • Made for major sound production
    • Fits in most 10-in basskit trunk sets and amplifiers.
    • Red detail for extra style in your basskit enclosures.
  • Cerwin-Vega Mobile VPAS10 Powered Active Subwoofer Enclosure
    • Features a Subsonic Filter with 35Hz and an LPF Filter, 75-150Hz
    • Solid RMS power handling.
    • Compact and fits under a standard car seat.
    • Wires are easy to hide.
  • Cerwin-Vega XED10 Xed Svc 4 Ohm Subwoofer
    • A good entry-level subwoofer speaker
    • Has a single voice coil and a Parabolic polypropylene cone.
    • Bumped back plate and a vented pole piece for more extended playtime.

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