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Cell Phone Antennas for Motorola

What to Know About Antennas for Your Motorola Phone

Phone antennas once stuck out prominently from the body of the mobile device, but even when tucked away inside your phone case, its just as important. This seemingly simple piece of metal enables your phone to connect calls and communicate over the internet across the full extent of your service providers coverage area. Figuring out whether it needs replacement and obtaining the right part are basic steps for restoring your Motorola phone ensures its performance.

How do you determine whether a phone antenna needs replacing?

The antennas in your cell phone absorb energy from electromagnetic waves transmitted from signal sources, and if it is defective, the strength of the signal provided to the amplifier circuitry is reduced. Once you have ruled out software configuration issues and youre still having a problem transmitting with cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other services, the signal amplifier hardware and antenna is the next thing to check.

When you get low signal strength or no-service notifications in an area that your mobile service provider covers, it could be due to reasons other than defective hardware. Its a good idea to check your phone reception in multiple areas to rule out the possibility that a barrier such as a hill is blocking transmission from the cell tower, and that there is no machinery or electronic equipment nearby that is generating electromagnetic interference. If you get a lower signal strength than you should in multiple areas, you can rule out obstacles and interference, and may consider the antenna as a source of the fault.

What types are used in Motorola phones?

Antennas differ in shape and size and are designed to receive and transmit signals that differ in frequency and communication protocols. Depending on the model, the ones inside your Motorola cell phone can include:

  • Phone: Can be either CDMA or GSM.
  • Wi-Fi: May use more than one, and can also be used for Bluetooth.
  • LTE (Long-Term Evolution): For data transmission. There may be more than one.
  • Radio: AM and FM stations reception.
  • Miscellaneous: For reading RFID tags or NFC (Near Field Communications).
Does a Motorola phone use CDMA or GSM?

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile) are the two major types of cell phone technologies. Which technology is being used by your Motorola phone depends on the carrier that the phone is customized for. A phone customized for a carrier that uses CDMA requires a CDMA antenna, and likewise, a GSM phone requires GSM hardware. Refer to the manufacturers and service providers websites and owners manual for detailed information.

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