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What You Need to Know About Leica D-Lux Bags and Cases

The Leica D-Lux is a compact camera that allows you to capture moments while traveling, and has a lens cap that opens and closes on its own. Finding the right case, bag, or cover for your camera can help to protect it from scratches and damage. There are different types of materials and designs to choose from for your Leica D-Lux.

How do you select a bag for your camera?
  • Gather information on your model: Some of the camera cases are fitted for a specific Leica model. You can find the model number on the camera or by reviewing the manual/box.
  • Select a type: Some cases will be fitted for the D-Lux to accent the camera. Other cases will allow you to carry accessories, such as spare batteries and memory cards.
  • Choose a brand: If you prefer to use OEM cases, you can select from those produced by Leica. There are also other branded and unbranded options available that are compatible with your camera.
  • Select a color: Some cases will allow you to choose the color of the case so that you can accent the camera.
What types of cases are available?
  • Shoulder bags: This type is also called a messenger bag and is designed to carry additional accessories such as lenses, flash units, chargers, and other items. Shoulder bags will have a strap that has a reinforced part for carrying.
  • Compact case: This type of case includes pouches and other form fitting cases that are designed to hold your Leica D-Lux. The small form allows the case and camera to be put into the bag if needed.
  • Hard case: Hard cases are preformed storage options for your camera. Some hard cases will have additional padding on the inside of the case in exchange for a larger size.
  • Half case: Half cases fit over the lower half of the Leica D-Lux and covers a portion of the metal frame. The buttons and viewfinder will be exposed so that it can be used without removing the half case.
What types of materials can you choose?
  • Leather: This can include both natural and synthetic leather options. Leather cases will be put together with stitching, along with metal snaps and loops to hold accessories.
  • Nylon: Nylon cases and bags are able to implement additional padding inside of the case to provide protection to the camera. This style will also typically have a soft lining on the inside.
What are some of the features that you can select?
  • Clips/straps/loops: Some cases and bags will have metal or plastic rings on which a clip or strap can be attached. A strap will let you carry the bag or case on your shoulder while clips can attach the case to another bag.
  • Padding: Some options can have foam or other types of padding that is designed to provide some additional protection in addition to the outside of the case.
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