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A Guide to Canon PowerShot Digital Cameras

Canon PowerShot digital cameras are point-and-click cameras designed with portability and ease of use. Among these digital cameras, a variety of series are available for you to select from, each of which offers something different and comes at a different price point. The Canon D series of PowerShot cameras resist water, shock, and freezing temperatures. In contrast, the Canon SX series involves a selection of ultra-zoom cameras that allow highly detailed and high-resolution close-ups.

What features are found in a Canon PowerShot SX610 camera?

If you're about to select a PowerShot SX610 camera by Canon, this specific model boasts an 18x optical zoom for a focal length of 25-450mm. The high-sensitivity CMOS sensor within this Canon device captures images at a resolution of 20.2 megapixels, meaning the image comprises over 20,000 pixels for a clear, detailed photo. The LCD screen is 3 inches in size and accommodates wide-angle shots. Along with high-resolution photos, it's possible to capture videos at a resolution of full HD 1080P. This Canon model weighs just over a pound and allows you to store the images and videos you take on a microSD card.

What's the difference between optical and digital zoom?

When you choose a Canon PowerShot digital camera for sale, one of the first things you'll notice on the feature list is a specific number under optical and digital zoom. An optical zoom is the standard achieved when using your camera's lens. When you zoom in on an object, the lens will move accordingly, showing how the camera changes when you alter the zoom. The digital zoom of a PowerShot device by Canon is applied after the photo is taken via the cropping and enlarging sensors, allowing you to hone in on a particular object or point in a photo more closely than the optical zoom allows.

How do you clean a Canon PowerShot camera?

If you want to keep your compact camera as clean as possible so that it continues to work for years, regular maintenance will help you keep the Canon point-and-shoot device in good condition. When cleaning this Canon camera, give the single lens of the PowerShot your full attention, as a buildup of dust and other particles can distort the images you capture. To clean your camera, apply standard lens cleaner and rub a microfiber cloth gently over the glass.

Consider keeping your digital camera from Canon in a bag or case to guard against scratches occurring as you carry it around. Always turn your Canon camera off before replacing memory cards or batteries. After using the camera often on vacation or during an outing, remove the batteries after transferring your images to your computer. This will help protect the Canon device against a battery leak.

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