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Canon 35mm Film Cameras

Does Anyone Still Use a Film Camera?

With film cameras almost going obsolete with the takeover of SLR cameras, its a wonder if anyone actually still uses them, but working with film can be an art and a point of pride for those that learn to use it well. Not only do people still use them and enjoy film photography, you can find used and new cameras from camera manufacturers such as Canon.

Why are Film Cameras Still a Good Choice?

DSLR cameras make photography so much easier with the ability to take hundreds or thousands of shots and delete what you dont want without having to spend a fortune on processing. Film SLR photography does have its benefits over using a DSLR including:

  • You think more about your photos: Knowing that you only have limited number of shots on your film means that you will take more time to set up that perfect shot with your camera.
  • No electricity needed: Rather than having to worry about charging your digital SLR before you head out to shoot photos, all you usually need is a battery or two for many film cameras and you are good to go. Not having to rely on charging a battery while out in the wilderness is certainly an asset.
  • Film quality is excellent: Digital SLR cameras werent invented to improve the quality of our photos, only to make picture taking more convenient for us. Pictures you shoot on film have excellent quality, so what you see through your lens and shoot accurately transposes onto film.

What are Some Good Film Cameras to Look at?

As one of the leading camera manufacturers, you can find a range of models at different price points to choose from Canon that use film including AV-1, AL-1, WP-1 and AS-1. You can also find:

  • A-1: The A-1 model was revolutionary as it was the first SLR camera to have an electronically controlled auto-exposure mode. It is a 35 mm camera body with adjustable shutter speeds and delivers blur-free images. This camera has a focal length of 50 mm and you can interchange the lens.
  • EOS-3: There are many EOS film cameras from this brand, and this particular model further improved the speed and performance for which the EOS range is famous for. This camera body incorporated the worlds first area AF system, along with having a high precision focusing system and improved high-speed focus tracking. This EOS has an EF lens mount and a focal length of 38-80 mm. It has a flash with red-eye reduction and a 20 mm eye relief viewfinder.
  • AF35M II: This was the second Sure Shot from this brand and is a 35 mm point and shoot compact camera. This does not have an EF lens mount but a 40 mm single-lens and a good viewfinder. You can find features like a self-timer, built-in flash, autofocus, and frame counter on this second generation Sure Shot.

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