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Callaway Driver Left-Handed Golf Clubs

Callaway driver left-handed golf clubs are designed for hitting from the beginning tee of each hole, although they lend themselves to other uses too. These left-handed golf drivers are available with many different degrees of loft, ranging from around 9 to 16 degrees, allowing you to select the complete golf club from Callaway that fits your game.

What do the different Callaway flex types refer to?

There are five different flex types in regards to a Callaway golf club, including extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior, and ladies. Although you can select and use any of these flex types for playing golf, each flex is designed by Callaway for different situations and different skill levels.

  • An extra stiff flex driver from Callaway is meant primarily to be used when you can hit a long ball at around 300 yards off the tee. This flex is somewhat rare. An example is the Callaway Big Bertha extra stiff flex driver.
  • A stiff shaft is when you can hit over 200 yards off the tee and can generally be used when you have a low-mid handicap. An example is their GBB Epic Sub Zero Graphite stiff driver.
  • A regular flex is meant to be used when you can hit over 175 yards from the tee. An example is the Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Iron set 4-AW Irons flex driver.
  • Both the senior and ladies Callaway flex types are meant to be used when you consistently hit below 175 yards from the tee. An example is the Callaway XR 13.5 Driver Project X 4.5 Graphite Senior flex.
What is loft used for when playing golf?

The loft of a Callaway driver refers to the angle at which the face of the club hits the ball, which is measured by degrees. Although drivers have a small loft range that typically extends from around 9 to 15 degrees, the number you choose determines the trajectory of each ball you hit from the tee. The higher the number, the higher the ball will travel when you hit it.

What are the different shaft materials with Callaway golf clubs?

There are two primary shaft materials that you can select, including steel and graphite.

  • Steel shaft: This Callaway shaft material provides weight that can help with the control of a golf swing.
  • Graphite shaft: These are lightweight in nature and lend themselves to faster swings that can drive a golf ball further distances.