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Cabbage Patch Dolls

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Xavier Roberts introduced the world to his "Little People" or Cabbage Patch Kids in 1976 in New York and sold the rights to a major toy manufacturing company in 1982. The company changed the name from "Little People" to "Cabbage Patch Kids" and went on to sell millions of the dolls. The dolls have round faces with dimples and appeal to a broad audience.

What kinds of Cabbage Patch Dolls are there?

A number of different Cabbage Patch Dolls exist, including the following:

  • Newborn: These items are 9- and 11-inch vinyl dolls with bald heads that resemble infants. Common types are the Bubble N’ Bath and Drink N’ Wet Newborns.
  • Baby: These are 12.5-inch toys that range in age. Some of these toys are younger and bald while others have blonde, red, brown, or black hair with different colored eyes. The babies might be dressed for bed and come with a pacifier. Others are a little older, have longer hair, and sport dresses.
  • Kid: These 14- or 16-inch kids are young children with different style options. The kid Cabbage Patch dolls have different hair styles, outfits, and personalities. Some are sporty while others are fashionistas. They come with dresses, shorts, and skirts.
What are Cuties?

Cuties are baby Cabbage Patch Kids in fanciful costumes. Some are seasonal with Christmas or Halloween outfits while others come dressed like animals. They have the standard eye color options like blue, green, and brown but may have different noses. For example, a cat Cutie might have a pink cat nose and whiskers.

What do Cabbage Patch Kids come with?

All Cabbage Patch creations are born at the Babyland General Hospital and come with a birth certificate. Other accessories vary based on the Cabbage Patch Kid. You can find pacifiers, cozy blankets, infant bottles, strollers, shoes, various clothes, and more.

Who makes Cabbage Patch Dolls?

Many companies took over what Xavier Roberts and then Coleco started many years ago. Each time the dolls were a little different, and some of those differences are described here:

  • Original Appalachian Artworks was Xavier Roberts company. These Cabbage Patch Kids were called Little People, and each one was a hand-stitched, one-of-a-kind soft fabric sculpture.
  • Coleco marks the start of mass production for these toys. They have hard round heads and soft plastic bodies. Different heads were randomly assigned bodies to make each Cabbage Patch item more original. Colecos products were 16 inches.
  • Hasbro started making Cabbage Patch Kids in 1988, and dolls made by Hasbro are considered vintage. They made ponies, birthday dolls, kids, and pets that have hair that can be crimped and curled.
  • Mattel started making dolls with vinyl bodies. Their original dolls included fairies and Olympikids to celebrate the Olympics.
  • Danbury Mint produced porcelain Cabbage Patch Kids.
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