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COWTOWN Western Boots for Men

Cowtown Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots offer protection while you work, and they can be dressed up for a night out on the town. Since they are available in many different heights, heels, colors, and toe styles, it is important to choose the option that is right for you. They are also made from many different materials, but all Cowtown cowboy boots are made completely of leather.

What are some styles of Cowtown cowboy boots?

Cowtown boots are available in a variety of styles, some of which are described here:

  • Cowboy boots: Ends mid-calf with a 1 1/2-inch angled heel. This style normally has a pointed, flattened or slightly rounded toe, and may have a heel cap.
  • Riding boots: Ends mid-calf with a two-inch angled heel. This style has a two-inch square heel, a rounded toe, and a leather sole.
  • Ropers: Ends between the ankle and the calf. This style has a 1.5-inch or less square heel and a rounded or square toe. They frequently have a rubber tread or traction sole. Some styles lace-up.
  • Western work boots: These boots usually end mid-calf. This style has a 1.75-inch heel, a rounded or slightly tapered toe, and they frequently have a rubber treat or traction tole. Some styles lace-up.
  • Fashion boot: This style can be any height. They normally have a 1.5-inch heel and may have a rounded or square toe. They can have a leather or rubber sole usually with tread.
What are some materials used in Cowtown boots?

Many different materials are used by manufacturers to make Cowtown boots, including the following:

  • Ostrich: Ostrich boots are soft and flexible. It is one of the strongest leathers available.
  • Calfskin: Leather made from calfskin is thin and pliable. It can be highly polished, so it is frequently used for dress cowboy boots.
  • Crocodile: The underlying membrane of crocodile boots helps to add a layer of protection to these boots while the top scaly layer gives them style.
  • Leather: While many boots are made with natural cowhides, this leather also accepts dye willingly, allowing manufacturers to produce a variety of different colored Cowtown boots.
  • Python: One of the most unusual leathers to be used in cowboy boots, this leather has fine details because of the small size of the snakes scales.
  • Rattlesnake: The subtle differences between rattlesnake skins means that no two pairs of boots are exactly alike.
  • Ostrich: The malleability of ostrich leather is hard to beat whether you choose a full-quill, half-quill, or ostrich-leg cowboy boot.
  • Lizard: This leather flexes well without leaving a crease.
  • Sharkskin: The long fiber structure makes this leather quite tough.
Which manufacturers make cowboy boots for Cowtown Boots?

In addition to manufacturing boots, Cowtown Boots works with a variety of different manufacturers, some of which are listed here:

  • Ariat International
  • Dan Post Boot Company
  • Durango Boot
  • Justin Boots
  • Laredo Western Boots
  • Nocona Boots
  • Rocky Boots
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