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Calvin Klein held his first fashion show in 1970, and by the next year, his company had sold over $5 million in clothing. Calvin Klein became a household name in the 1980s with Brooke Shields famous jeans slogan, "Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing." Today, Calvin Klein produces a wide range of styles and sizes for women.

What styles of Calvin Klein jeans are available?

Calvin Klein jeans have branched into numerous styles and colors since the original slim-fitting womens jeans of the 1980s. Skinny jeans, cropped ankle styles, black jeans, and stretch denim create a slim fit and figure-flattering silhouettes.

  • Boyfriend jeans: Choose boyfriend jeans for a traditional cotton denim look without added Lycra or other stretch fibers.
  • Straight-leg jeans: Straight-leg Calvin Klein jeans and skinny jeans come in low-rise and high-waisted versions.
  • Wide-leg jeans: Wide-leg cropped jeans from Calvin Klein are a traditional style.
  • Skinny jeans: Skinny and slim jeans will hold their shape throughout the day if they are made of a denim-Lycra blend.
How do Calvin Klein jeans fit?

Some Calvin Klein jeans, like regular-fit denim boyfriend pants, offer a loose fit. Skinny and slim ankle styles tend to fit tightly for a slim silhouette. Waist sizes are generous in most Calvin Klein denim clothing and Calvin Klein jeans. Most Calvin Klein cotton jeans use U.S. womens sizing 2-16, with measured inseams, such as 10 by 32 inches.

What are the benefits of different Calvin Klein womens jeans?

Calvin Klein makes jeans for every figure type. You can find a comfortable fit in most styles, including skinny jean looks and traditional non-stretch cotton denim.

  • Cropped ankle skinny jeans offer comfort and reliable fit through Lycra and Spandex cotton blends.
  • Power stretch ultimate Calvin Klein skinny jeans are designed to fit comfortably.
  • Calvin Klein boyfriend jeans and wide-leg jeans have been developed to offer comfort and casual style.
Are Calvin Klein jeans and pants available in multiple colors?

In addition to traditional blue jean indigo blue, Calvin Klein jeans come in light, medium, dark, and distressed blue. You can also buy white, black, gray, and colored Calvin Klein jeans in seasonal shades. Black Calvin Klein jeans are a classic, almost rivaling indigo blue jeans.

White jeans and seasonal colors in many Calvin Klein cuts and fits can also bring an adventurous side to your wardrobe. Cropped capri styles come in white, black and seasonal colors. Fabric-dyed skinny jeans and jeggings offer a sleek, stylish look that is form-fitting. Wide-leg, sailor-style ankle Calvin Klein jeans and mid-rise slim jeans are available in many colors and offer a looser fit.

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