Bumpers & Parts for Volvo VNL for Safe and Stylish Hauling

If the bumpers on your truck have sustained damage or you want to upgrade these parts to something new, you might want to take a look at the bumpers and other truck parts in this eBay category. As you sort through the options that are available, keep these answers to common customer questions in mind to make sure that you pick the right truck parts.

What are the types of bumpers in this category?

All of the bumper models among these listings are designed to fit Volvo VNL trucks, but there are quite a few differences between the various types of bumpers. However, all of the bumpers that are made for these types of trucks consist of three separate components, and these components are:

  • Right and left bumpers: These parts slide over the right and left corners below the hood of your semi. They are generally built with holes pre-cut for fog lights, and they match the curvature of your vehicle.
  • Center bumpers: No bumper set for a VNL semi is complete without a center bumper. These parts slide in-between the right and left bumpers, and they have open center sections that can be outfitted with LED light fixtures or other accessories.
Are there any accessories for these bumpers?

Yes, there are a couple of different accessories for Volvo VNL bumpers. These accessories may alter your semis functionality, or they may serve purely aesthetic purposes. These accessories include:

  • Chrome trim: If you decide not to include fog lights on your truck, you can install reflective chrome plates in the holes in your right and left bumpers. You can also install a chrome accessory in the center part of your bumper for maximum flashiness.
  • Grille guards: These large stainless-steel cages attach to the front of your trucks engine compartment, and they protect your rig from the damage inherent to front-end collisions.
How do you pick the right bumpers?

First, youll need to limit your search to bumpers that are compatible with your trucks year of manufacture. From there, youll need to select the parts that are right for you based on aesthetic considerations and functional concerns.

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