Bumpers & Parts for Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 Bumpers

Toyota RAV4 bumpers are designed to absorb impact from collisions. These safety features are at the front and rear of the vehicle. A combination of durable and lightweight materials adds to the designs efficiency.

What styles of bumpers are available?

Bumpers are available for the front and rear of a RAV4. Each one is a slightly different shape. The rear bumper sits under the trunk and cargo space while the front bumper sits under the grill and vent below the cars hood. The purposefully low placement on the RAV4 creates a low center of gravity.

What is the function of a bumper?

Bumpers are designed to absorb impact from a collision with another car or object. Due to the low placement of the bumper on the vehicle, bumpers can withstand lots of shock without taking up an enormous amount of space on the Toyota RAV4. They are a critically important safety feature. Otherwise, objects and vehicles would much more easily be able to permeate the trunk space and the hood of the car and get into the engine. Protection and distance from the motor means less likelihood of combustion upon impact.

What materials are bumpers made from?

Toyota bumpers used to be made entirely from heavy metals like steel. To reduce their weight and make the Toyota RAV4 run more efficiently, they are now made from a synthetic blend of lightweight metal such as aluminum and carbon fiber along with treated plastic. Different types of plastics are rapidly heated and cooled to create temperature treated textiles. These materials are used to create the shell of the bumper. A steel or heavy metal pole remains inside the bumper to retain its effectiveness at absorbing shock upon impact.

What are some care tips for bumpers?

Toyota bumpers are typically cleaned as part of the automatic wash process. If you choose to wash your bumpers in between touchless or regular car washes, the process is simple. Use a mixture of warm water and soap to wipe down your bumper with a sponge or soft cloth until all dirt and debris is gone. Cleaning can be especially useful in the winter if there is salt on the roads. As bumpers are low to the ground, they are likely to get covered in salt and chemicals that can hurt the vehicles paint job.

Once the RAV4s bumper is clean, rinse it with fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth. You may also choose to polish or wax your bumper to develop a coat that is difficult to scratch or damage. To apply wax or polish, use a soft, dry cloth to make circles on the bumper. Repeat the process with a different, dry cloth once the polish is applied to remove any excess. Continue this process until the entire bumper is polished or waxed.