Mini Cooper Bumpers

In most cases, you will not need to replace the front or rear bumpers of your MINI Cooper unless you are in some sort of accident that damages the bumper. However, you may wish to upgrade your bumper with a bumper reinforcement. There are many options available to you if you need to replace the bumper on your manual or automatic MINI Cooper.

What parts on your MINI may need replacing?

The bumpers on your MINI serve several purposes. First, the bumpers are there as a safety feature, to protect both the car and the passengers in the event of a crash. The bumper can also give you a smoother ride when youre behind the wheel of your MINI. Finally, the bumpers on your MINI Cooper give it that classic, easily recognizable style seen in the John Cooper Works vehicle line.

  • Front bumper: The front bumper on your MINI Cooper contains a small grille and lights. Some front bumpers also have a spoiler.
  • Rear bumper: The rear bumper contains exhaust pipes and running lights. Some rear bumpers also have a spoiler for added sport style.
What are your options for upgrading a MINI bumper?

While your MINI comes with stylish and functional rear and front bumpers, you may wish to upgrade your bumpers to make them even more safe, functional, and stylish. There are several options available to you.

  • Aftermarket parts: You may love your Cooper but prefer the look of an alternate MINI models bumper. In this case, you can buy a newer bumper and replace the one on your vehicle.
  • Towing: Most MINI vehicles do not come standard with a towing hitch package. There are options to get bumpers with a trailer hitch so that you can use your John Cooper Works vehicle to haul smaller cargo.
  • Chrome or matte black: You may want to change the color of the metal on your bumper to chrome or matte black for a different style.
  • Reinforcement: You may want to add reinforcements, such as bars, to your bumper. This can give you even more support in the event of a collision or can add an additional element of style to your MINI Cooper hardtop or Clubman.
How do you replace the bumper on your MINI Cooper?

You can easily change the bumpers on your convertible or hardtop Cooper.

  • You will first have to take off the fender flares. You will have to do this under the hood on both sides of the car.
  • You will then need to use a socket wrench to undo the bolts on both sides underneath the bumper.
  • Then you will need to undo the bolts to the radiator and the grille. Once the bumper is off, install your new bumper, and reattach all bolts and screws.