Ford F-100 Bumpers

The F-100 and F-150 are Ford Super Duty pickups that are designed for towing, driving, and off-road adventures. The back and front bumpers of Ford F-150s and F-100s may become dinged or dented after years of use. These accessories are designed to prevent the front and back ends of the pickups from damage in a collision.

What are the features of Ford F-100 truck bumpers?
  • Built-in license plate holders: The standard rear and front bumpers for Ford F-150 and F-100 trucks are made with mounting holders for license plates. This allows you to remain compliant with state requirements for displaying license plates on the front of your vehicle.
  • Rolled edges: The rolled edges of the rear and front bumper help to protect the other parts of the truck from sharp edges. These rolled-edge accessories also prevent you from getting scraped as you walk around the perimeter of your Ford F-150 or F-100 to get in, get out, or perform maintenance.
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: The back and front bumpers of the Ford F-150 or F-100 are made with materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion. This gives the accessories a longer lifespan and enhanced durability when they are regularly exposed to dirt, dust, mud, road salt, automotive fluids, and rain.
How do you choose bumpers for Ford F-100 trucks?
  • Choose the placement on the vehicle: Select a front bumper or rear bumper. There are also side trim plates for the Ford F-150 and F-100 that function like bumpers and install on the drivers side and passengers side of the vehicle.
  • Select a manufacturer: Choose a front bumper or rear bumper for your Ford F-150 or F-100 made by the original equipment manufacturer or a different manufacturer. The other brands of bumpers are made by OE+, Westin, and others. There are also unbranded front bumpers and rear bumpers available for your vehicle.
  • Choose a color: Aftermarket Ford F-150 and F-100 bumpers are available in black, gold, red, gray, chrome, silver, and white. The original equipment manufacturer parts are available in black, silver, and chrome.
What are the types of Ford F-100 truck bumpers?

Ford F-150 and F-100 truck bumpers are available in many types. One popular type is the step bumper, which is typically constructed from chrome. The step bumper allows you to step on it and climb into the bed of the truck or into the trucks drivers side or passengers side doors. Another type of bumper for the Ford F-150 and F-100 is the off-road, Super Duty bar. This is designed to handle potholes, uneven surfaces, and plenty of airborne debris. The Super Duty bars are constructed from steel alloy and covered in a chrome finish. The light or standard type of bumper for the Ford F-150 and F-100 is made of powder-coated steel. The powder coating is black, which coordinates with the rest of the exterior trim on the front and back of the vehicle.