Bumpers for Chevrolet Cruze

Many people choose the Chevrolet Cruze due to its combination of sporty style and performance. One of the many keys to maintaining the design of your Cruze is the front and rear bumpers. These parts are molded to flow in line with your Chevrolet to reduce air resistance as well as keep your car looking amazing.

Are Chevrolet bumpers interchangeable?

Depending on the year and model of your Chevrolet, you may be able to interchange bumpers. For example the 2011 to 2014 models have identical front bumpers, so they can be switched out. When changing between models such as the Hatchback, Turbo, or Sedan, you will have to check that the style is the same. Remember, the fit must be exact in order to remain safely in place as well as not compromise the performance of your Chevrolet Cruze.

Will a Chevrolet Cruze bumper protect the vehicle?

Though other components are in place to help protect your Cruze from high-speed collisions, the bumper helps to reduce damage in low-speed collisions. The hood, trunk, grille, fuel, light systems, and exhaust are all parts kept safe by the bumper. It will guard against minor cosmetic damages should the driver bump into an object. Furthermore, every Chevrolet is designed with crumple zones that give way in specific areas to protect passengers. These areas in your Chevy Cruze are present to keep the engine from being shoved back into the cab and harming passengers as well as the driver. The bumper, as the first point of impact in your vehicle is created with these safety precautions to protect your engine and cargo.

Can you easily replace a bumper?

Yes, you may remove your Cruzes bumper with the proper tools. A simple Philips Head screwdriver will be sufficient to remove the screws on the tops and sides. After that, use a flathead screwdriver to pop up the rivets under the vehicles to pull the bumper away from the engine. You may then install a new bumper that fits correctly onto your Cruze sedan.

What materials are Chevrolet Cruze bumpers created from?

The bumper cover is made of a plastic polymer designed to protect against minor scuffs and impacts. Underneath is a metal bar designed to further protect your Cruze during low impacts. The metal is typically aluminum as the light weight helps your vehicle preserve gas mileage and keeps your Cruze strong. The plastic cover in front of your Chevrolets engine and behind your vehicle preserves the contouring to complete the look and feel of your Chevrolet Cruze and ensure it is optimized for cutting down wind resistance.