Bulk Blank Media

Bulk Blank Media

Blank media refers to media that does not contain any kind of data. They are useful for storing and recording back-up video, audio, or text data for later use. You can transfer the stored files from the storage media to a computer, MP3 player, or camcorder.

What are the major types of blank media?
  • CD-R or CD-RW discs: CD-R refers to recordable compact discs which support numerous file formats such as audio files, images, and text. They are compatible with CD-RW drives. CD-RW discs are a rewritable variant of CD-R discs.
  • Mini-DVD-R and DVD-RW: These are used in some camcorders and can capture and play high-quality video. The DVD-RW disc is storage media that is erasable and can be rewritten up to a thousand times. Mini DVD-Rs and mini DVD-RWs are normally smaller than regular DVDs and are used for audio recording, still image capture, and storing business presentations.
  • BD-R discs: These are used for storage of high-definition data or media that would take up a large amount of storage. These discs can store and record up to 50 GB of data. It can then be accessed on a compatible Blu-ray player or drive. BD-R discs are used in video game consoles, personal computers, Blu-ray home theater systems, and music players.
  • Digital VHS: Digital VHS is tailored for high-definition video capture. It is compatible with specific video players to offer high-quality video and audio.
  • Flash drives or USB memory sticks: They are very compact and can hold a sizable amount of data. Flash drives are made to read and capture data at high speeds and are portable. They are mostly adopted for saving and storage of large data such as audio files, presentations, and image files. They can also be rewritten, if need be.
  • Virtual backups: These are blank storage spaces offered online for storage of data. They are easy to use and offer a fast rate of data transfer from computer to the platform. This is also called cloud storage.
What are the benefits of using bulk blank media?

Blank media like USB memory sticks allow for instant access to files. They are interchangeable between capture ports in camcorders. They also offer long, uninterrupted recording times depending on the storage capacity. It makes editing easier and more efficient since recordings are broken into separate individual files, allowing you to select and delete files.

Because of its multipurpose nature, physical media is a viable means of storing and holding back-up data for later use or for security reasons. Its portability has made it convenient to use them while on the move. They also offer precision capture of data at great write speeds, thus giving great instant response times.

Virtual backups offer nearly limitless storage space and are therefore open to storage of additional newly captured data.