What to Consider When Purchasing a Marine Air Conditioning System

Being out on the water on a nice summer day can be a soothing and relaxing experience, but on days when it gets too hot, you might find yourself needing an escape from the sweltering sun into somewhere cooler. Cooling down on a boat requires an efficient boat air conditioner. If you need a replacement or new air conditioner for a yacht, sailboat, or similar vessel, begin your search with eBays wide selection of products.

Do you need an air conditioner, heater, or both?

There is a wide selection of air conditioners on eBay, including some products that are combination air conditioning and heating units. The advantages to purchasing one of these combo units are that they are fully integrated to provide the perfect environment within the boats cabin. They also take up minimal space and come with wall mount/handheld controls. If your boat has one system and not the other, you may consider upgrading to a combination system for added efficiency.

What are the standard features of marine air conditioners?

Here are some of the features you can expect to find on a marine air conditioner:

  • Illuminated LCD displays that are easy to read and let you finely tune the environmental controls according to your preferences.
  • Wired or wireless controllers that allow you to control the air conditioning from anywhere on the boat.
  • High and low pressure protection to keep the unit from experiencing pump or valve damage.
  • Humidity display and dehumidifying option.
  • Automatic shutoff to protect the air conditioner from overheating or freezing.
How do you find the right air conditioner?

When searching through the many models that are available, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the process as easy as possible. First, figure out the size of the space you need to cool to eliminate air conditioners that are too weak or too powerful. Next, depending on how much installation space you have to work with, some models might not fit. All marine air conditioners are designed to be sleek, but there will be some instances where a certain model wont fit. Finally, consider the condition and price of the options you have remaining. There are both new and used air conditioners on eBay, and the prices vary between them.