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A Buyers Guide to Choosing a Bluetooth GPS Receiver

When you need to have accurate directions, a Bluetooth GPS receiver is a convenient option. These devices can give you directions anywhere in the USA, allowing you to get to where you need to be without getting lost. On eBay, there are affordable, new, and used Bluetooth GPS receivers made by different manufacturers and with a range of features, options, and prices.

What are the available types of a Bluetooth GPS receiver?

Some available types of affordable Bluetooth GPS receivers may include:

  • Automotive: The types include in-dash built-ins and dash-mountable receivers that can be removed easily.
  • Aviation: These work in small planes, and they are designed to work with your headphones.
  • Handheld: These are designed to be portable and work when you are on foot or riding a bicycle.
  • Marine: These feature water resistance and wind resistance for performance in difficult environmental conditions.
What are some of the features of Bluetooth GPS receivers?

Some of the features of Bluetooth GPS receivers may include:

  • Map viewing: Choose from 3D, street view, satellite view, or live traffic view.
  • Time and calendar: These functions include timers, alarms, and countdowns. The calendars are set up for the day, week, month, and year.
  • GPS logging: This keeps track of where you have already been. You can review the history by the day, week, or month.
  • Route suggestions: The GPS receiver calculates the shortest route by time or by distance based on live traffic and your location.
What are the screen size options for Bluetooth GPS receivers?

The screen size options for the new and used Bluetooth GPS receivers range from 1 to 12 inches when measured on the diagonal. Some of the GPS units are designed to work with the screen that is already a part of the dashboard of your vehicle. Those GPS units do not have a separate screen.

How do you choose a Bluetooth GPS receiver on eBay?

When looking for a GPS receiver with Bluetooth on eBay, consider the following factors:

  • Brand: Some options include Advent, Clarion, Dell, Garmin, Kenwood, Pyle, TomTom, and more.
  • Start time: The cold start times range from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. This is the time that it takes to turn on, boot up, and access your location and the applicable maps.
  • Updates: Choose GPS receivers that get automatic updates or those that you update manually with your computer.
  • Operating system: The options include Linux, Clarion, Android, and Windows.