Buying guide for Blue LED Strobe Car Lighting

LED strobe lights are generally used as emergency and warning lights across different sectors. They are bright and give strong visual signals. Like other LED bulbs, the strobes are energy-efficient, brighter, and last longer than halogen lamps.

Can I have strobe lights on my car?

LED strobe lights and most commonly used for police vehicles and for private security, emergency vehicles, sprinklers, towing cars, construction trucks, cranes, and forklifts. Smaller pods make great fog lights and DRLs. You can use them on motorcycles, trucks, and other cars. Military vehicles use infrared light bars to improve on night vision.

How can I choose the right strobe light?

  • It all depends on your needs. Usually, law enforcement authorities use blue strobe lights and even red ones. Most construction equipment and warning signs use amber strobes.
  • Waterproof ability. LED strobe lights intended for use in outdoor places should be able to withstand extreme wet weather and submersion in water. The IP67 waterproof rating works perfectly while IP68 is more permanent.
  • An excellent thermal design makes a good LED light. This helps to reduce overheating and heat loss. Such lamps glow brighter and are more durable.

How many types of strobe lights can I find?

  • LED lightbars - LED light bars allow for rooftop mounting on emergency vehicles and tow trucks. They increase visibility and even allow other motorists to see you from afar even in foggy surroundings. Most police cars use two-color lightbars that come in red and blue. Civilian vehicles can use one-color light bars with two-stage flashing patterns for warning signals.
  • Off-road lights - These are simple and effective strobes designed for off-road use. Their work is supporting the car headlights when you have limited visibility. Most authorities allow civilians to buy warning lights for off-road use as work lights and warning signals. These strobe lights are great for farmers, construction companies, and private security firms.
  • Flashing lights - Most emergency warning lights flash as a way of creating a distraction. It creates an annoying flash that stops you from concentrating on other tasks to focus on the warning at hand. Common emergency light colors are red, blue, amber, green, and white. EMVs and police vehicles mainly opt for the red and blue flash. Some flashers use rotating beacons. You will mainly find these mounted on an emergency vehicle or police car. Industrial equipment usually rotating beacons flashing in amber.

Where will I buy the LED strobe car lighting?

Buying LED strobe lighting is not any different than buying other LED bulbs. There are many places where you can buy LED strobes for your vehicle. For instance, many sellers on eBay offer a variety of options and deals on the lights.