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BlackBerry Priv Cases, Covers & Skins

Choosing a Case For Your PDA and Smartphone

Like any smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv really benefits from a case to protect it from bumps and scrapes. The right cover for you will depend on how you typically use your phone.

Do I Need a Case, Cover, or Skin?

  • Hard cases provide the most protection for your Priv. If you drop your phone, a durable shell gives it a chance of surviving its impact with the floor.
  • Covers tend to be a bit less bulky than cases and made from softer materials like leather. This means that they are easier to fit into a pocket. They can also look more attractive than more functional hardshells
  • Skins are more for looks than for protection. A skin fits closely enough that it gives your Priv a new look but preserves its original shape.

Which Features Can I Choose From?

  • Folio cases include a front flap that covers the screen. This protects the screen from scratches and reduces the need for a screen protector. Folio cases are often made from leather, but you can also find versions made from other materials.
  • One of the most unique features of the BlackBerry Priv is its slide-out keyboard. Many cases and other accessories designed for the Priv are designed to preserve the slide function. This is especially common with shell cases, but you can also find leather sliding cases.
  • Some leather folios and hard cases come with a built-in kickstand so you can prop it up on a table or other hands-free surface. This is very useful if you like to watch videos on your device, as it gives you a comfortable hands-free viewing position. It is also very useful for video conferencing and working on your phone with an external keyboard.
  • If you want easy access to your smartphone at all times as well as a good level of protection, consider a phone holster. Usually made from leather, these typically attach to your belt or the top of your pants.

Which Other Accessories Can I Use?

  • Screen protectors cover your smartphone screen to protect it from scratches and chips. Unless you have a leather folio your case probably wont protect the screen much, so choosing a separate protector makes sense.
  • Cell phone chargers and cables are really easy to lose, so having spares is a good idea. The Priv uses the USB 2.0 microUSB standard for cables, so make sure that you choose compatible ones. Type-C connectors wont work.
  • While the phone comes with 32 GB of built-in storage, it can also support a microSD card with up to 2 TB of extra capacity. This is very useful if you plan to keep a lot of data on your device.

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