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Bison Note

The American Bison: A U.S. 1901 Bill Note

There are many affordable vintage bills available on eBay that you can collect for their value and history. The Buffalo note is a 10-dollar U.S. bill from 1901. This print could fetch from 10 to 100 times its face value.

How much is the face value of the bison note?

This bill note is valid for 10 dollars of U.S. currency. Its age and history make its potential worth hundreds of times more when in the hands of a collector. These notes are no longer being made as legal tender nor are they in circulation. The stunning art of the bison note shows an American era during Lewis and Clark?s expedition of North America toward the west. This was once a federal reserve denomination, backed by Congress, and it was active as legal tender.

What kinds of bison notes are there?

This paper currency is a collectors item. Created in the early 1900s, this treasury note was once in full circulation as the United States 10-dollar bill. The bills current condition is an important factor to its value in trade; the better the condition, the more it may be worth. Here are some ways the buffalo bills artwork can vary:

  • Center buffalo: The front side of each bill has as a large buffalo standing with his center gaze aimed at the viewer of the bill.
  • Face value: You will find a traditional U.S. seal with the ?10? symbol in all corners of the front and back sides of the print.
  • Lewis and Clark: Both Lewis and Clark can be found in portraits along the front side of the animal?s motif.
How long ago were these bills first printed?

The U.S. treasury released these bills over one hundred years ago, in 1901. Further circulations were made until printing was stopped by the federal government in 1971 and the American bison was removed from paper money. In most cases, the simple existence of these notes holds value because of how long they remained in circulation.

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