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What to Expect from Your BenQ DLP Projector

BenQ DLP projectors strive to provide viewers with an alternative source for viewing movies and other video footage with clear image quality. For years, overhead projectors have been used to project slides and images through a small transparent lens. With the developments in technology, you can watch video footage and movies with high-resolution image results.

Can BenQ DLP projectors be heard while viewing videos?

Yes. You can hear a quiet whisper from the projector as it works to produce the images for you to view. The on-board fan hums quietly throughout the room. Though there is a quiet whisper, this low noise does not take away from your being able to hear the audio from your video footage. Over time, the noise from the fan may go unnoticeable.

Do BenQ DLP projectors have an auto standby feature?

Yes. The SmartEco technology is built to allow you to save energy. When the auto-standby feature on BenQ projectors is in use, you will be able to use the on-board lamp for an extended period of time. The on-board lamp lasts for a very long time with its 7,000-hour lamp life.

Can you use BenQ projectors in your home theater?

Yes. The home cinema series was specifically designed to be used in your home theater. Some features of the home theater series include:

  • Bright pictures - The projector gives off 3300 lumens of light for your picture. This allows you to watch your movies with little to no interruptions of image brightness when lights are turned on throughout the viewing time of the movie. As a result of the high lumens, the pictures have vibrant colors that aid in the added sense of detail to text and other elements for a better contrast ratio.
  • Universal connective inputs - You can find that the device will support HDMI and VGA inputs. Many of the home theater projectors have dual ports for both HDMI and VGA inputs. These two ports allow you to connect to games and movies with ease.
  • Large screen - The projector can project to a 100-inch screen from small places due to its 1.2 big zoom feature. The projection of the image can be manipulated to align images by its vertical lens shift capabilities. The shift allows you to see when your image is not aligned correctly by producing a trapezoid shape on your projection screen.
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