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Bemis Toilet Seats

Bemis produces toilet seats for all bathroom types, ranging from single-family homes to condos and commercial properties. Whether you are furnishing a special needs bathroom or looking for a child-friendly seat, Bemis has many different product lines, such as the Xcite, to suit your lifestyle needs.

What shapes are Bemis toilet seats available in?

Whether your bathroom is fitted with a one-piece or two-piece toilet, all toilet seats are either round or elongated. Round is the standard installation in residential and commercial properties. Round toilets are favorable for residential homes and half-baths due to the smaller surface area. Elongated toilets are long and oval, which offers more sitting area. They are typically installed in businesses, condos, and large properties.

What materials are used for Bemis toilet seats?

Bemis uses two materials or a combination of the two to produce their toilet seats:

  • Plastic: A majority of Bemis toilet seats are available in plastic because it allows for ergonomic design. A plastic toilet seat absorbs paint well, which prevents it from flaking off even with regular use and cleaning. White is a common color choice, but plastic provides all kinds of color options. Thermoset, resin, and thermoplastics are the three options used for toilet seat production. Some plastics, like thermoset, are scratch-resistant, which enhances their durability.
  • Wood: If you are looking for a Bemis toilet seat with a natural feel, wooden designs are readily available. A wood toilet seat is coated for hygienic purposes. The coating makes the seat easier to clean. Mahogany, oak, and pine are some of the choices for a wooden toilet seat.
  • Composite: A toilet seat can also be made from both composite wooden fibers and synthetic resins. Also called a compressed wooden seat, it is made by pressing wood fibers together and then adding layers of coating. Molded wood is another option that offers durability. It's coated with a high-gloss finish for hygienic purposes.
What is a Bemis soft toilet seat?

A Bemis soft toilet seat is constructed with padding to provide a puffy, soft sitting area for the user. Soft-close seats have a lowering mechanism that lets the lid and seat go down noiselessly. Bemis also has removable soft toilet seats for cleaning purposes.

What are the different types of toilet seat hinges?

Plastic hinge sets are made from polypropylene or nylon. Usually, they match the color of the seat. Stainless steel hinges are slightly stronger but may not match the seat. The life span of your seat’s closing mechanism will depend on the quality of the stainless steel. A hinge system can be adjustable so that you can alter the fitting of your Bemis toilet seat, or it can be fixed with only one seat position.

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