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Ballistic Cases, Covers & Skins for iPhone 5

Protecting Your iPhone With a Sturdy Ballistic Case

An iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S can be a handy device to carry with you. When you want to protect it from all types of damages and debris, you might consider placing it in a protective iPhone 5 ballistic shell. An iPhone 5 case is designed to shield your phone from accidents and the elements.

What are iPhone ballistic cases made from?

The iPhone 5 case shell is made from a rubber-like material. Rubber is used for a variety of reasons:

  • This material absorbs the shock of dropping the phone on the ground
  • It is also soft to the touch and can fit easily in your hand
  • The rubber iPhone 5S case cover also protects your iPhone from getting wet if you drop it in water or use it outside in the rain or the snow
What is the kickstand used for?

The kickstand on the back of the iPhone 5 case makes it easy to use your phone even when you are not holding it. You can set the device on a table or desk and watch movies, read, or carry out other tasks without actually having to hold the iPhone in your hand. The slim kickstand is also sturdy enough to support the iPhones weight.

Can the case clip onto your belt or purse strap?

The iPhone 5 cover comes with a handy clip that makes it perfect for clipping onto your belt or the strap of your purse. It saves you from having to tuck your iPhone into your pocket where you could sit on it and crack the screen. The clip is secure and can prevent the iPhone 5S from slipping off your belt and onto the ground.

Where can you put your credit and debit cards?

When you do not want to carry both a wallet and a phone case, you can choose an iPhone case that doubles as a billfold. It has card slots for your credit or debit cards like any billfold. It also has a shell where you can cover your phone securely. This design offers convenience for times when it comes to using your wallet and phone.

What colors does this case come in?

Just like your phone, you might want a phone case that is designed to match your personal style. You can find the iPhone case in bright colors like neon pink or solid colors like blue, red, black, purple, and green. Patterns may also be available in styles such as floral prints, two-tones, and stripes.

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