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Board balance trainers are a type of fitness and rehabilitation device typically used to build muscular strength, test stability, and improve proprioception, or awareness of where your body is in space. Board balance training devices are utilized by exercise professionals, yoga instructors, physiotherapists, and home-exercise enthusiasts who want to add a great balance challenge to their conventional training workout. Stability balance boards can be used as a supplemental tool for yoga and Pilates practice, low-impact aerobics, toning, sports conditioning, rehab, and interval training.

What are some different types of balance trainers?

All balance board trainers are inherently unstable, so your core muscles have to exercise particularly hard to keep your body upright, level, and on the board. When it comes to balance board styles, there is a great deal of variation, but all balance boards offer a wobbly surface that is great for testing stability and boosting muscular strength in the core. Whatever style you choose, your board will offer a great workout.

  • Material - Balance board training devices are made of a variety of materials, including colorful hard plastic, natural wood, firm foam, and flexible rubber. Board material must be sturdy enough to hold your weight. Boards are designed to resist cracking, warping, or breakage under pressure.
  • Design - Balance board trainers are available in many different shapes and designs, including concave rectangular boards, round discs, dense square yoga pads, rockers, inflatable half-balls, and board-and-roller combinations.
What is a BOSU balance training device?

The BOSU balance practice board is a popular fitness and rehab tool designed to improve balance ability, boost muscular strength, enhance sports conditioning, increase flexibility, and promote better posture. Also referred to as a BOSU ball, the BOSU fitness device is essentially an inflated half-ball attached to a firm, level base. It can be used to perform a variety of exercises and can be positioned with the rounded side up or down.

Indeed, the name "BOSU" is an acronym for the term "BOth Sides Up" or "BOth Sides Utilized." The BOSU balance device is used in gym, physiotherapy, and other exercise settings to work the core muscles, to develop cardiovascular strength, and to perform traditional yoga and Pilates exercises.

What is a balance disc?

A balance disc is an inflatable rubber disc that, when used properly during a workout, promotes core strength, proper posture, ankle stability, and balance. Balance discs tend to have textured surfaces to prevent slippage. As you attempt to stand, kneel, or sit on the surface of a balance disc, your abdominal, back, hip, and shoulder muscles are activated in an effort to keep you upright and centered. Balance discs can be incorporated into your workout to improve strength and stability and boost the challenge of standard fitness and yoga exercises.