Baja Mini Bike

Whether you need something to get around on that doesn't use up a lot of gasoline or are simply looking to have fun, a Baja mini bike might be your answer. These bikes are built tough yet travel fast for their size. Baja offers many different types to provide you with what you are looking for.

What are the features of a mini bike?

A mini bike is essentially a mini motorcycle. Most of them are characterized by their smaller size, two-stroke engines, and chain drives. A mini bike is commonly referred to as a pocket bike or a mini moto. Most are similar in appearance to sports bikes and come in electric options as well as four-stroke gasoline engines. In general, mini motos are not more than 20 inches in height and not more than three feet and three inches in length. Depending on the manufacturer, most of these bikes will travel 19 to 40 mph.

What types of mini bikes are available from Baja?

The Baja brand has several different types of dirt bikes on the market. Each has its own specifications in order to meet your needs in a mini bike. A few of the Baja mini moto options include these:

  • Doodle Bug 30: This coveted mini bike comes in red and has a 4-stroke engine. It features 2.8 horsepower and a 0.34-gallon gas tank. It weighs 74 pounds and has the capacity of up to 150 pounds. Ground clearance for the Doodle Bug 30 is 5 feet. It stands at 51 inches and has a width of 23.5 inches.
  • MB2000: This mini bike comes in red and black colors. It is harnessed with parts that include a four-stroke air-cooled motor and an automatic transmission. The gas tank capacity is 0.82 gallons, and it has an approximate speed of 24 mph. It is 66.1 inches in length and 30.3 inches in width and stands at 40 inches tall. The BM2000 weighs 145 pounds and has the capacity to hold 200 pounds.
  • Dirt Bug: The Dirt Bug is a great dirt bike for your entire family. This Baja mini bike comes in yellow and features 2.8 horsepower with its 4-stroke engine. The gas tank capacity is 0.34 gallons, and it can travel at approximately 18 mph. It has a 5-foot ground clearance and weighs 74 pounds. It can carry up to 150 pounds and is 34 inches tall. The Dirt Bug is 51 inches in length and 23.5 inches wide.
  • Warrior Mini Bike: If you need a Baja mini bike for trail riding, look no further than the Warrior. This Baja mini bike has parts that include large off-road tires and a hydraulic front suspension. Its front headlight and banana seat make it both safe and comfortable. It also features an automatic clutch and hand-activated braking. The gas tank holds nearly one gallon of gas for this 4-stroke engine bike that stands 38.58 inches tall.