BMW Carbon Fiber Cell Phone Case Cover Buying Guide

Your phone is a huge part of your daily life. The right protective phone case cover can help you avoid damage to your BMW device while still looking stylish. A BMW carbon fiber cell phone case may be just what you need.

What kinds of smartphone cases are available?

There are many different case options available for smartphones. Phone protection levels and styles can vary. BMW makes cases stylized to fit a myriad of phone models and brands, including:

  • Bumper case: A bumper case is designed to protect the edges and corners of your BMW cell phone because when you drop your phone, the corners tend to absorb a majority of the shock and impact. Bumper cases are easy to install and come in a wide range of style, color, and material options.
  • Shell cases: Shell cases are designed to protect the sides and back of your phone. They can be made of many different materials and are simple to install. Be sure to choose a shell style case that is made for the exact make and model of phone that you own.
  • Waterproof cases: These protective cases are airtight and protect your phone from full liquid immersion. A waterproof case may be more complex to install than some other case options. Not all waterproof cases are impact-resistant.
  • Ultimate protection cases: These are designed to provide your cell phone with the maximum level of protection possible. They can be made from materials like aluminum, leather, plastic composites, carbon fiber, and more. Weatherproof cases often come with multiple parts like a rubber backing, an exterior shell cover, and a screen protector.
Will the case include a screen protector?

Screen protection is important as some phones scratch and chip easily. If you are choosing a shell or bumper case, chances are you will have to purchase a screen protector separately. A waterproof or ultimate protection case will include front protection of some sort in most instances. Read the product details to make sure that the phone case you're looking at will include a screen protector if that's important to you.

How can you tell if a case will fit?

The way a phone case fits is important. Proper fitting is necessary for your phone cover to do its job well. These are a few measures that you can take to ensure that a case will fit your device well:

  • Know your make and model: It is important to buy a case for the exact make, model, and model variant of the phone you have. Most cases are designed to fit an exact smartphone design with precise measurements. To find your phone's make and model, you can look in your device settings or reference the manufacturer's user manual.
  • Clean your phone: Grime, dust, and dirt can impact the way that a case will fit. It is a good idea to clean your phone well before installing a new case.
  • Look for damage: If your phone has pre-existing damage, your case may not fit properly. Look for bending, warping, and cracks before attempting to equip your smartphone with a new case.
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