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Use a B4 2/3 Lens to Take Better Photos

Capture special moments and memories with a 2/3 camera. While cameras provide you with the means for entertainment later on, they can also bring you instant gratification in their results when you use a B4 2/3 lens. There are plenty of these lenses to choose from on eBay.

What brands and types of lenses can be purchased?

The brands that you will find are Canon, Fujinon, ZEISS, and Nikon. However, you can also find compatibility for Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Sony. There are prime/fixed lenses as well as zoom lenses. They come in focal lengths anywhere from 5mm to 120mm. Some of the lenses you can purchase are zoom, wide angle, broadcast, and telephoto lenses.

What is a B4 lens used for?

B4 stands for the physical mount on camera. It is used for practically all the 2/3-inch cameras on the market. Many different lenses come with a B4 mount.

What are the different B4 lenses used for?

B4 mount lenses come in many varieties. Below you will find a brief description of some of these lenses:

  • Broadcast lens: Use a Canon broadcast lens for constant video feed. They dont breath (change image size) when focusing. The broadcast lens is also designed to be focused manually. It has a smaller throw for the focus, so if something is moving, you can keep it in focus easier.
  • Zoom lens: This allows for a wide range of focal lengths in a single lens. It has numbers indicating the shortest and longest ranges for the lens.
  • Prime/fixed lens: This allows for only a single range of focus.
  • Wide-angle lens: A wide-angle lens presents a picture area in ar arc anywhere from 64 degrees to 84 degrees. A fish-eye lens is a wide-angle lens that can show as much as 180 degrees. These are good for panoramas.
  • Telephoto lens: These are used to shoot pictures from distances. They go from 70mm to 300mm, and a super telephoto will go from 300mm to 600mm.
What is useful about a B4 lens?

B4 lenses have a long range, up to 30x the normal range. B4 lenses also have a reputation for smooth zooms. They have large focus throws and are parfocal, which means that all lenses will be focused at the same time. They also have external iris control, which means they are made for TV. These lenses, including the 3-inch lens, have a large field of depth. It is difficult to get a larger range from other types of lenses. Using a b4 lens can provide you with advantageous results.