Automotive Glass Repair & Replacement Services

Automotive Glass Repair & Replacement Services

If your auto glass has a crack, it could hinder your vision when on the road and compromise the stability of your windshield. In case you have had windshield issues with your vehicle, you might be wondering whether to fix or replace the windshield. Below is some advice to help you make a decision.

When should you repair versus replace your windshield?

Before settling for repairs or windshield replacement for your auto glass, there are some standard guidelines on when you should replace it:

  • Size - Chips bigger than 3/8 inch and a crack longer than 3 inches will require the windshield to be replaced.
  • Time span - The longer you leave a crack or chip unrepaired in your vehicle, the more likely you will require a replacement due to the difficulty involved in fixing it and the likelihood of it to spider across the windshield.
  • Location - Cracks that extend to the end of the windshield will require replacement. Also, if a chip is directly in your line of vision, you will need a replacement and not a fix.

Windshield repair, on the other hand, can help stop the cracks from spreading further and prolong the life of your windshield. The repair process is typically quick adding to the convenience factor.

How is a windshield repaired?

To do auto glass repair on your windshield, youll get rid of the debris from the damaged area. Youll use a drill to make a clean passageway for the repair resin. Then, youll inject a special resin into the impacted area using a tool to attach the surface of your cars glass. Its later polished and cured for a clean finish.

Will the chip or crack become invisible after the repair?

No. A windshield crack repair is only meant to keep the crack from spreading while trying to restore your vehicleu001as stability. Each case is different and with most successful repairs, only a small blemish will be left behind after the repair process. You can, however, expect significant improvement when compared to the state of the windshield before it was repaired.

How long will it take to replace your windscreen?

Generally, it will take between one to two hours to get your windshield replaced and after three hours, you can drive your vehicle safely. However, this will depend on a number of factors, including temperature, humidity, and the urethane used. This time is meant to ensure the urethane seal is completely cured. You can drive your car again after installation, keeping the air conditions and the materials used in mind.