Asphalt Compactors & Asphalt Rollers

Asphalt Riding Compactors and Rollers for Smooth Roadways

When you need compaction equipment to make your blacktop smooth and even, one of the asphalt rollers or compactors in this assortment might serve as an ideal solution. Check out the options within this selection to find a roller that fulfills your needs.

What are some common asphalt roller brands?

Many different domestic and foreign brands make this kind of construction equipment. A few prevalent brands include:

  • Caterpillar
  • Hamm
  • Bomag
  • Leeboy
  • Ferguson
  • Hyster
How do you use an asphalt roller?

The rollers in this category are all riding, which means that they have seats on top. You direct these pieces of equipment with steering wheels, and they run on gas or diesel. You transport rollers into position by street-legal vehicles, and once they are in place, you drive them over wet asphalt to compact it into a flat and uniform surface.

How do these rollers work?

The parts that are used to flatten asphalt are called drums. The riding forms of rollers that are included among these listings each have two drums, and one drum is usually wider than the other. Roller drums resemble tires except that they aren't soft and don't have any treads. Instead, they consist of flat steel surfaces that make asphalt flat as they move along. Over time, these pieces wear out, but you can replace them. Some types of rollers have vibrating drums, and this feature helps make asphalt smooth.

How do you pick the right roller?

There a few factors that you should consider as you pick a roller that fits your needs. For instance, the models in this eBay category vary widely in terms of size. Some options are about the same size as a golf cart, but others are nearly as big as full-size tractors. Smaller rollers are easier to load onto semi-trailers, but they aren't as efficient for bigger jobs.

Also, you might want to consider picking a roller that's made by a brand with which you're already familiar. If you have a bunch of construction tools made by a certain brand already, it might be easier to perform repairs on or find parts for a roller that's made by the same brand. Pricing varies according to brand, size, and features.