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Apple iPhone 5s Cases, Covers & Skins

Cases, Covers, and Skins to Keep Your Apple iPhone 5s Protected

Several cases, covers, and skins in varying colors and designs are available for the Apple iPhone. Cases come in an array of different materials, including plastic and silicone. Features vary between products, with some products offering wallet capability and some containing screen protectors.

What are the different colors and designs available?

The Apple iPhone 5s cases, covers, and skins feature solid colors, patterned designs, and graphic designs. The collection of products also includes some cases that have text on their backings that either represent a brand or a quote. Brand images are present on some of the covers, too. Patterned designs featuring repeating geometric units are also available in select listings. These listings may contain multiple pattern options for the same products. Cases featuring a primary body color may have edges that are of a different color than the backing of the product. Single color designs are also available. Some of the solid colors are:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow
What are some of the materials of construction used?

Cases utilize several different materials on construction, with several products incorporating multiple materials in layers. The inclusion of multiple layers is variable between individual product listings. Cases with multiple layers feature a hard outer layer and a softer material on the interior for shock absorption. Some cases are made of a singular material as well. The colors and product designs available for different materials of construction varies. Some of the materials used in the cases, covers, and skins are:

  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
What additional features might a case have?

Select products include wallet and screen protection capabilities. The products with a wallet feature a flap that covers the front side of the phone. On the inside, the covers contain slots that are designed to hold cards and cash. ID slots may also be available depending on the product. All products feature holes for the camera lens so that pictures can be taken while the case, cover, or skin is on.

In some cases, a screen protector may come with the product. The screen protectors may be made of a thin film or tempered glass and offer protective features such as scratch or crack resistance. Select items may also include kickstands as part of their designs. The mechanism of the stand varies, with some containing a stand due to a foldable flap, while others may have a plastic piece that comes off the backside of the case.

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