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Tips for Selecting MacBook Pros With Intel Core 2 Duo

The Apple MacBook Pro is a line of full-size Apple laptops that succeeded the PowerBook G4 series. First released in January 2006, the MacBook Pro is designed as an upgrade to equivalent Apple laptops released around the same time. The MacBook Pro has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and this MacBook is known for its improved battery life, Retina display, convenient touch bar, and other features.

What is the Intel Core 2 Duo?

The Intel Core 2 Duo is a line of 2.33 GHz, 45-nanometer and 65-nanometer dual-core processors (the numbers refer to the size of the transistors on the chip, with a smaller number signifying more total transistors). The dual-core design allows these processors to run two tasks at once with minimal slowdown (as opposed to a quad-core design that can handle four tasks simultaneously). The processor has 64-bit architecture, which supports larger amounts of physical and virtual memory than 32-bit architecture.

The Core 2 Duo also supports these features:

  • Intel idle states: Save power when the system is idle.
  • Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology: Dynamically changes the clock speed to accommodate the software while minimizing heat generation and energy use.
  • Thermal monitoring: Monitors and controls temperature levels to prevent thermal failure.
  • Intel Virtualization technology: Allows a single hardware system to function as multiple virtual systems.
  • Execute disable bit: Prevents harmful viruses or programs from executing code or spreading through a network.
Which MacBook Pro models use the Intel Core 2 Duo?

All MacBook Pros released from late 2006 to mid-2009 contain an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. That includes almost all first-generation models and several second-generation models of this Apple MacBook. These laptops share several features in common, including an optical disc drive, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, a hard drive, two or three USB 2.0 ports, a 480p iSight camera, FireWire, an AC adapter, and a 15-inch or 17-inch LCD display.

In addition to these features, the second-generation models, released in 2008 with 13- and 15-inch screens, also have a Mini DisplayPort, an aluminum unibody design, and a glossy reflective glass finish or an anti-glare matte finish. An update in 2009 gave the 17-inch model the same unibody design. All Core 2 models run on OS X 10.11 at the latest.

The third-generation MacBook Pro, which Apple released in 2012, was thinner and included a high-resolution retina display. It came with a 15-inch screen, and the 17-inch screen was discontinued. A third-generation, 13-inch MacBook Pro was released later the same year; second-generation 13- and 15-inch laptops received updated processors.

The fourth generation of this laptop came on the market in 2016, replacing function keys with an interactive touch bar and a Touch ID sensor in the power button. The processor was updated to a dual-core Intel Core i5.The following year brought upgrades such as enhanced Iris Plus and AMD Radeon graphics, and added memory.

What are some features of OS X 10.11?

OS X 10.11, nicknamed El Capitan, is the 12th major release of the OS X operating system. Apart from general performance and design improvements, El Capitan features:

  • Maps: To show public transit information.
  • Spotlight: A search function that creates an index of all files on the system.
  • Photos: A picture management and editing tool.
  • Safari: A type of web browser.
  • Mail: An email application that supports multitouch gestures.
  • System integrity protection: Prevents certain processes and files from being modified by other processes.
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