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Apple Mac mini Intel Core i5 4th Gen Desktops & All-In-Ones

Important Information About Apple Mac mini Intel Core i5 All-in-One Desktop Computers

Apple manufactures a variety of smartphones and computers such as the Mac mini. The mini is a compact desktop computer that runs Apple’s Mac OS. When selecting a mini, there are different models and features from which to choose.

How do you select an Apple Mac mini?

When selecting Apple Mac mini Intel Core i5 4th Gen desktop all-in-ones, look for the following features:

  • Select a processor: The processor speed plays a factor on how many apps the desktop can run simultaneously. The speed ranges between 1.00 GHz up to 3.50 GHz. The Intel Core i5 4th generation processor comes in either the dual-core or quad-core design. Some have a turbo option that allows the processor to be overclocked to a higher speed.
  • Choose a storage type: You can select from hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), and solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD) types to store information on your Mac mini. You also want to select a capacity amount that ranges from 256GB up to 1TB, depending on the model.
  • Select a GPU: The Mac mini features integrated graphics cards that share the system RAM with the main processor. You can choose from four different models of integrated graphics that offer different image quality.
  • Choose a memory amount: You can select from computers that offer between 4GB to 16GB of RAM.

What storage options are available on this desktop computer?

  • HDD: This type of storage has a series of rotating disks inside that uses a magnet to write data onto the disks.
  • SSD: This type of storage device has no moving parts inside the casing. SSDs use flash memory chips similar to a flash drive to store information.
  • SSHD: This type of storage device has a small solid state drive along with a regular HDD. The computer recognizes these two drives as a single drive. The computer stores commonly used apps onto the SSD portion so that they can be loaded faster.

What types of connection options does the Apple mini have?

  • HDMI: By connecting the Mac mini using the HDMI port, you can connect the computer to a television or monitor. The HDMI component can support 1080p resolution of up to 60 Hz. It can also support higher resolutions at a lower refresh rate.
  • Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt: The Mac mini has two Thunderbolt ports located on the back of the case. This allows up to two displays to be connected at a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels. Adapters can be used to convert the mini DisplayPort outlets to DVI and VGA.

What type of case does the Mac mini use?

The case of the Apple Mac mini is made of a unibody aluminum frame. The case measures 1.4 inches tall and uses a customized power supply to power the computer. The back of the case has four USB-3 ports and an Ethernet port in addition to the different video connection options.

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