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Getting a New Battery for your iPhone 6 Plus

When your iPhone 6 Plus battery life begins to decrease and affects the usability of the phone, it may be necessary to replace the old battery with a new one. The inability to keep a charge is just one sign that it might be time for a new battery. Once your battery is replaced, you should see improvement in your iPhone 6 Plus performance.

How do you replace an iPhone battery?

Before you begin replacing your iPhone 6 Plus battery, make sure it is below 25% capacity for safety reasons. Each phone model may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to owners instructions. Then, follow the general steps below to perform a battery replacement on your iPhone:

  • Unscrew the two Pentalobe screws surrounding the Lightning connector.
  • Attach a suction cup to the screen of the phone above the Home button and use it to separate the rear part of the phone from the screen display. Remove the suction cup from the screen once you have accomplished this.
  • Lift up the iPhone screen and put it at a 90-degree angle. Unscrew the screws that are attached to the metal connector bracket.
  • Unscrew the screws around the panel assembly cable bracket on the logic panel, then disconnect the cables for the camera, earpiece, Home button, and display data connector. You should now be able to completely lift the screen from the rear part of the phone.
  • Pull gently on the right battery adhesive tab until it comes loose from the phone. Repeat the same process with the left and bottom adhesive tabs. You should now be able to remove the old battery and insert the new one into the same spot.
  • Replace all of the pieces that you removed during the replacement process.
How do you know if you need a new battery?

An easy way to find out if you need a battery replacement for your Apple iPhone 6 Plus is to install an app that checks the performance of your battery. These apps can give you an idea of how your battery performs currently and over time. Another way to see if you need a battery replacement in your iPhone is to connect your phone to a laptop or computer to see how many charge cycles it has gone through. Apple recommends you get a battery replacement after 400 to 500 charge cycles.

Why do Apple iPhone batteries need to be replaced?

Apple iPhone batteries use lithium-ion technology, which means they lose capacity the more charge cycles they go through. Apple has also slowed down the performance of batteries in older iPhone models such as the iPhone 6 Plus in order to allow these older models to keep up with the new software.

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