Subaru Impreza Antennas

With a properly functioning antenna, you can enjoy music, sports radio, and news shows while driving around in your Subaru Impreza sedan. You can add a new antenna to your Subaru Impreza by getting a replacement. There is a range of antenna options available for Imprezas, and theyre all simple to install.

How do you replace the Subaru antenna mast?

Antenna masts can sometimes get damaged, especially considering that they extend from the cars roof. Fortunately, changing out the antenna mast on a Subaru Impreza can take less than a minute.

  • Unscrew the old part from the base on top of the Subaru Impreza. If its held in tightly, you may have to use a wrench to get a good grasp. Take care not to scratch the Subarus paint
  • Screw in the new part, assuming its the right size. Your Impreza antenna mast kit will likely include an adapter if it is larger or smaller than a traditional anchor.
Who manufactures Impreza antenna masts?
  • Ketofa
  • AntennaMastsRUs
  • Whizzotech
  • Dorman
Are there different styles to choose from?

Another type of antenna for the Impreza WRX or other model is a shark fin. This is mounted on top of a car and provides a similar capability to masts in terms of receiving radio signals. Since the shark fin is shorter than most masts, it may be preferred by those who frequently carry equipment (like skis or bikes) on top of their Subaru vehicles.

How do you install a shark fin antenna?
  • Remove the old antenna by unscrewing it.
  • Look over the screws that came with your part. Select one that will fit your base.
  • Place the flexible wire and brass terminal that came with your kit on top of the hole on the base. Affix it with the screw.
  • Remove the adhesive tape on the bottom of the shark fin. Attach the fin to the wire.
  • Carefully select a position for your new antenna. Press it down firmly to make sure there is proper adhesion to the surface of the Impreza.
What is a satellite antenna?

These are used in conjunction with a satellite subscription. You can get a replacement satellite receiver to maintain access to your entertainment package in your sedan. Most of these types of items have magnetic mounts or other types of quick-install supplies.

What are advantages of Subaru internal antennas?

Opt for an internal antenna for your Subaru sedan or hatchback if you prefer keeping things away from the elements. They consist of a receiver, amplifier, cable, and plug that can be placed in any standard AM/FM jack. The length of cable is usually sufficient so that you can mount it around your Imprezas dash or anywhere around the windshield. These kits typically include Velcro mounts, plastic clips, or some type of gentle adhesive to keep the cable tucked out of the way.