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Anne Fontaine Women's Tops & Blouses

Anne Fontaine Womens Tops and Blouses

French fashion designer Anne Fontaine is known for her elegant womens blouses, iconic white shirts, and luxury dress designs. The Brazilian-born designers fashion line has been influenced by her love for the Amazon rainforest. In addition to the selection of formal apparel, her collection also features lines of casual tops and hoodies.

What types of shirts and blouses does Anne Fontaine have?

The Anne Fontaine brand makes tops and blouses geared towards simplicity, class, and fit. Her collection of womens luxury shirts includes mainly tailored white, black, or black and white pieces. From shirts for work or an evening affair, the collection has a look to suit almost every occasion. The range of styles includes button-downs, three-quarter sleeve, collared, long-sleeved with cufflinks, oversized, sleeveless, and tailored.

What sizes of tops and blouses are available?

Anne Fontaine womens tops are available in womens sizes that range from 34 to 48.

What types of features do Anne Fontaine pieces have?

Anne Fontaine designs include everything from classic white lace pieces with sleeves trimmed in black to fitted bow ruffled blouses with roses. Other details she has incorporated are:

  • Bows and pleats
  • Embroidery, openwork, and organza trim
  • Double collars and feminine lace finishes
  • Transparent fabrics, crepe, and mesh
  • Subtle floral prints
  • Lace-up closures
  • Black piping and black velvet ribbons
  • Flared cuffs and yoke embellishments

Many of the clothing designs also incorporate natural materials that she became familiar with during her time living in the Amazon rainforest. Over the years, she has commissioned a number of expert tailors to craft fabrics for her apparel. Inspired by nature, some of her clothing lines include elements such as sunburst pleats, shades of blue, seasonal colors, and earthy tones.

What kinds of materials are the tops made from?

Her collections use materials such as linen, muslin, silk, organza, and Pima cotton poplin.

What is the recommended care for Anne Fontaine shirts?

While care may vary depending on the fabric, you should launder the machine-washable items separately from your other clothes. Protect your shirts in the washing machine with fine-weave mesh laundry bags. Place up to three pieces in the bag and zip close. To prolong the life of the material, wash in cold water on the delicate cycle. After washing, lay them flat to dry on a clean towel and soft press them while they are still slightly damp. Silk items should be dry cleaned only to protect the fabric.

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