Amber LED Strip Car Lighting

LED lighting strips are flexible strips of plastic embedded with dozens of miniature LED lights. The strips often feature double-sided tape and are often for decorating homes and vehicles. You can personally customize LED strip lighting designs with RGB, energy efficient, or ultra-high powered LED lights. Amber LED strip car lighting systems are a functional and unique way for car owners to light up their vehicle in an aesthetically pleasing way.

What are the Advantages of Amber LED Strips in My Car?

There are several different advantages of using LED strips in your car or truck. The sleek flexible strips come in a range of lengths and widths, allowing you to customize the intensity and pattern of the amber lighting. Here are some other benefits of using a LED light strip in your automotive:

  • Atmospheric: The orange-gold color from an amber LED strip light is truly distinctive. Take advantage of the rich and vibrant ambiance to design a unique vehicle interior.
  • Stylish: Use your LED strip lights to replicate headlights or create under-glow in prominent areas of your dashboard. During cold weather, the LED ambiance often resembles soft fog light.
  • Discreet: Because active strip lights blend into the contours of a car, you can rest easy knowing that your sleek amber LEDs are hidden from view.

What Extra Functions to Amber LED Car Strips Have?

The opportunities for customization don't end at strip placement. Depending on the type of LED bulb and the quality of the lighting strip, you will also be able to adjust the intensity of your LEDs. Here are some of the additional intensity functions available on some LED car lighting strips.

  • Remote Control: Premium strip lighting kits include a remote control to modulate light output and program time-delayed accent lighting.
  • Strobe: Strip light kits also allow you to create a strobe effect along the length of the strip. This can come in handy if your car breaks down and you need to signal other vehicles.
  • Variable Output: The general intensity of the light from the strip LEDs can adjust using a variable rate controller.

What Should I Consider when Installing Amber LED Strips in My Car?

Before you go rushing out to purchase a LED bulb set and a lighting strip, it's important to take the time to consider the implications of installing an LED light strip in your vehicle.

  • Local Regulations: Depending on the state you are traveling in, there may be automotive restrictions that limit or ban the use of interior light sources, including LED bulbs, while driving.
  • Power Usage: Remember that prolonged use of LED light strips will result in lower battery life if you decide to connect the LED lights to your car battery. If you ever notice your headlight dimming, uninstall the LED bulb strips and have your battery inspected.
  • Interior Visuals: Depending on the color and design of your car's interior, amber LED bulbs may not be the right choice for decorating and lighting your vehicle.