Fixing Your Vehicle With Car and Truck Aluminum Radiators Parts

An aluminum radiator is a critical component to your vehicles cooling system. The performance of your vehicle is dependent on working cooling parts. Lightweight aluminum radiator parts can easily be found on eBay, helping you make repairs to your cooling system.

What are some common aluminum radiator parts?

There are a number of parts available on eBay that can work in conjunction with an aluminum radiator:

  • Shroud: This part focuses the performance of airflow throughout the entire radiator.
  • Radiator cap: The cap helps to pressurize the radiator.
  • Hoses: Various hoses transport air and coolant to the different areas of the radiator and the engine
  • Fan: The fan pulls air across the surface of the aluminum radiator.
What coolant is required?

The type of coolant is identified by the aluminum radiator that you buy. There are various coolant types that can be added for the high performance of your aluminum radiator. Further, there is a coolant bottle under the hood that will serve as a reservoir. You wont want to add straight water into the radiator, either. Water will boil, causing the engine to overheat. It can also cause damage to the radiator and the various components, which is why you should use at least some coolant mixed with the water at all times.

How are repairs made?

Repairs to an aluminum radiator are made by identifying what is going on. There may be a crack to the radiator cap or there may be a hole in one of the hoses. Sometimes, a rock can get under the hood and dent the shroud that connects to the fan. Once you diagnose the problem, you can shop for the necessary part or parts on eBay. Select new or used condition parts and then open the hood of your car. Disconnect the battery and then begin making the part replacements.

What are OEM parts?

The make and model of your vehicle will determine what parts you need. As you navigate the various listings on eBay, you need to consider OEM versus aftermarket parts. OEM parts are produced by the same manufacturer that created the parts used at the factory. It ensures that you have a high-quality part. However, many aftermarket products can provide you with great performance, too.