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Frequently Asked Questions About the Alienware Aurora

The Alienware Aurora is a line of pre-built gaming desktop PCs that cater exclusively to the needs of gamers. Featuring the ability to display high-quality graphics, the Aurora is always aimed toward high-end games. The computer is designed by Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell, and you can find the Auropa PC to suit your needs at an affordable price on eBay.

How many different versions of the Aurora are available?

There are seven different main Aurora models, ranging from the R1 to the R7. Each subsequent model features a progressively more powerful processor and graphics card as well as new features. All of them come in the standard desktop tower form factor. Apart from the basic Aurora models, Alienware also produced the Aurora ALX, which features a MicroATX motherboard and actual vents to control the temperature.

How do you choose the right Aurora PC?

Since the Aurora is a gaming PC, the features might be slightly different compared to basic computers. It tends to have high-end components and extra cooling solutions. Here is what you need to know about the Aurora:

  • Processor: The Alienware Aurora tends to feature Intel Core i5 or i7 processors all the way up to the 9th generation. Performance can vary, so choose the processor that is right for you. The processor may be overclocked out of the factory as well.
  • Graphics: The Alienware Aurora features both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, including the GeForce 10 series, the Volta series, and the GeForce 20 series.
  • Storage solutions: The Aurora comes with the option of a hard drive, a solid-state drive, or a combination of the two. The hard drive is designed more for long-term storage whereas the solid-state drive can improve loading times in games or even boot up Windows quickly.
  • Liquid cooling: Liquid cooling is a means of removing heat from the computer system. It works similar to the cooling system of a car. In general, liquid cooling is the preferred cooling solution for high-performance PCs compared to basic fans.
  • Optional features: The optical disc drive, Wi-Fi adapter, and Bluetooth are all considered optional features.
  • Power supply unit: The typical power supply can vary anywhere between 400 watts and 1,000 watts, depending on the performance and feature set of the computer.
Does the Aurora let you upgrade parts?

Yes, you can replace or upgrade parts at any time. Starting with the Aurora R5, Alienware developed a chassis with tool-less upgrades to hard drives, graphics cards, and memory, making it easier and more convenient to access.