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Toyota Tacoma Airbags

Airbags are a crucial safety feature. Most Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks are equipped with many airbags, and this comprehensive safety system keeps drivers and passengers safe in the event of an accident. When Toyota drivers need new airbags for their vehicles, they have a wide selection of options.

What airbags does a Toyota Tacoma have?

These Toyota pickup trucks come with many airbags. If they have been deployed, drivers may have to replace all of them. The bags commonly found on Toyota Tacoma models include the following:

  • Driver bags: This airbag is housed within the center of the steering wheel. If it deploys, drivers may need a replacement bag and wheel.
  • Passenger bags: In the Toyota Tacoma, the passenger airbag is housed in the passenger-side dashboard. These large bags are designed to protect the passengers upper body and face when accidents happen.
  • Side bags: These Toyota trucks also have side bags, which are located within the side door panels.
  • Rear bags: Rear airbags usually come in a curtain configuration. When they deploy from the rear of the vehicle, they shield the back of the head from the force of collisions.
What other replacement airbag components will Toyota drivers need?

When the airbags deploy, they arent the only parts that need to be repaired and replaced. Toyota drivers will also need to select new component parts, such as the following:

  • Clock spring: This small spring, which is found in the steering wheel, provides the electrical connectivity needed to deploy the drivers airbag.
  • Impact sensors: Each Toyota truck is equipped with impact sensors, which are responsible for sensing unusual deceleration and collisions. When they sense an impact coming on, they alert the appropriate module. Some impact sensors are still usable following a collision but sometimes replacements are necessary.
  • Control module: This module deploys the airbags. In most Toyota vehicles, control modules are comprised of a chip board and a sequence of wire outputs and inputs.
Why might the airbag light be on?

While most Toyota drivers get new airbags after an accident, sometimes drivers need to replace these safety components because theyve gone bad or been damaged. If the warning light is on in a Toyota Tacoma, it could be caused by the following issues:

  • Damaged clock spring: The clock spring is a small part, but its crucial to the success of the airbag system. When this rotary electrical connector isnt working, the drivers bag wont deploy. If the warning light is on, it may be responding to failed electrical connections in the steering wheel.
  • Triggered sensors: Sometimes a mild fender bender is enough to trigger the vehicles car crash sensors. If the sensors were activated but the bags were not deployed, the Toyotas module may activate the warning light. When this happens, drivers need to reset their sensors or find replacement sensors.