Ford Mustang Air Bags

The airbag is one of the essential safety devices on a Ford vehicle. Once it has been deployed, it can be replaced by a new one. To replace the device on your Ford Mustang, you need some basic information about your car to choose the right airbag.

What do the airbags on your Ford Mustang do?

The airbags inside your Ford Mustang are designed to inflate rapidly upon sudden impact or sudden deceleration of the vehicle. They act as an occupant restraint system to keep you from having an impact with the steering wheel, dash, windshield, or other part of the vehicle depending on the type of collision youre in. After impact, the airbags on your Ford Mustang are then designed to rapidly deflate.

Where are airbags located on a Ford Mustang?

The location of the airbags on a Mustang will depend on the model of the car. Older cars will have fewer airbags while newer Ford cars will have more in different locations throughout the vehicle. The following is some information on airbag locations in Mustangs:

  • Driver side - located in the steering column, helps to protect the driver from impact with steering wheel or dash
  • Passenger side - found in the dash of the passenger side, protects passenger from impact with dash and windshield
  • Roof bag curtain - mounted on the roof of the car, help to protect the head upon impact by deploying from above
  • Side impact - mounted in the seats, help to protect the entire body from a side impact crash, usually found on both sides of the car
How do you choose the right replacement airbag for your Mustang?

Choosing the right replacement airbag for your Mustang is essential, not only for your safety but also to ensure that it will fit properly into your Ford vehicle. To choose the right one you need to know the year of your Ford Mustang and you need to know the location in which the device will be installed. Other relevant information includes whether your car is a V6 Mustang, a Mustang GT, or a Cobra edition as these devices may also vary according to the type of Mustang you own. Be aware that most airbags come in a year range, rather than an individual year. Some common year ranges are as follows. These ranges can help you choose the right option for your Mustang:

  • 2015 - 2017
  • 2010 - 2014
  • 2005 - 2009
  • 1999 - 2004
  • 1994 - 1998
How are Mustang replacement airbags installed?

Replacement airbags for Mustangs are relatively easy to install in the space where the old one was located. The installation process includes removal of the panel, dash, or steering wheel column, depending on where the device was located on the Ford vehicle. Then you install the new device in the vehicle and reattach the panel, dash, or steering column. This process may be done by a professional mechanic for those who have no knowledge of vehicles.