Ford Focus Air Bags

As a Focus owner, you have a sturdy vehicle that can last for many years. If your Ford Focus deployed its air bags due to a crash, then you know firsthand how essential this part can be. If your air bags become damaged or wear out over time, replacements remain essential for driver and passenger safety.

What type of air bags does the Focus have?

Although number and placement varies by year and build, the Ford Focus has up to seven air bags throughout the car. In addition to airbags in front of both driver and passenger, these vehicles also have side impact airbags on all doors. You can replace each of these parts separately as needed. Here are the kinds of air bags you will find and how to replace them.

  • Drivers side: Located in the center of the Ford Focus steering wheel, replacements for the main air bag must match the year and model of your vehicle precisely. Requirements may vary depending on seemingly unrelated systems, such as steering wheel sound control. In addition to the steering wheel air bag, some models also have air bags above the knee.
  • Passengers side: On the passengers side, this airbag fits in the dash above the glove compartment. Due to placement behind the engine compartment above the knee, this part can also vary depending on options.
  • Side impact: In addition to front-side air bags, Ford also includes side air bags. These run along the outer roof above all four doors. As with other air bag types, these will vary depending on the dimensions and body type of your vehicle.
  • Air bag control module: If you need to change out air bags following a crash, the control module may be damaged as well. This important part detects when a crash has occurred and decides in a fraction of a second whether or not to deploy the air bag. Without a working control module, the air bags will not deploy.
How can you find replacement air bags?

The following are the key facts to have on hand when finding replacement air bags:

  • Year: First, you will want to make sure you know the year your vehicle was released since dimensions vary from year to year.
  • Body type: Next, you will want to narrow you search down by body type. Hatchback, Titanium, and other options can also effect your needs. In some cases, optional add-ons like Ford SYNC may also affect air bag sizes and placements.
  • Location: Take stock of what parts need to be replaced, such as which bags were deployed. Do not forget to note any additional damage, such as damaged control modules.
  • Parts or whole: Depending on what air bags or parts you need to replace, you may have options. For example, when replacing drivers side front air bags, you may able to replace just the bag or the whole trim.