Ford F-150 Air Bags

When it comes to auto safety, few inventions have been more helpful than the air bag. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, air bags alone saved nearly 40,000 lives between 1987 and 2012. Therefore, having working air bags in your Ford F-150 is important to your safety.

What are air bags?

Air bags are pouches that inflate when sensors in your F-150 sense a crash. They protect the driver and occupants of a vehicle. Air bags work well when if you are sitting correctly in your seat and if you are wearing your seat belt.

How do air bags work?

When a crash is occurring, sensors attached to the air bag can tell whether the crash is bad enough for the air bags to deploy. If it is a severe enough crash, the sensors tell the air bags to inflate. The inflator is ignited and begins a reaction that expands the air bag in less than a second and allows it to tear through the fabric covering it. The front air bag inflates in about 1/20 of a second while side air bags inflate even faster than this. The gas that inflates the bag is harmless nitrogen gas. The bag begins to deflate immediately after it is deployed except in the case of rollovers.

What kinds of truck air bags are there?

Air bags include:

  • Front air bags: These air bags deploy to protect your chest and your head in case of a head-on collision. New versions can even tell if you and your passengers are wearing seat belts, which affects the way the air bag deploys. You can find the front air bag in the steering wheel and dashboard of your F-150. There are even air bags that inflate to protect your knees. All vehicles made after 1999 have to have front air bags.
  • Side air bags: These air bags inflate to protect your head and neck in case of side crashes, which are also called T-bones. They deploy even more quickly than the front air bags since the space between you, your passenger, and the side of the car is small. There are side air bags that protect the rest of your upper body and curtain-type side air bags that protect your head by covering the car’s window frame. Side air bags have been made to inflate during rollovers. They stay inflated longer than other air bags to give protection in case the car rolls more than once.
  • Inflatable seat belts: Newer technologies include these smaller air bags for adults and children in booster seats.

You can tell where the air bag is in your car because theres tag or an imprint on a place inside your F-150 that says "Airbag" or "SRS," which stands for supplemental restraint system.

Can you buy any type of air bag for your F-150?

It is always smart to buy an air bag made specifically for your cars make and model. Make sure that the air bag module you get for your Ford F-150 truck comes with documentation that shows that it has undergone inspection and certification.