adidas F50 adizero Soccer Shoes

adidas makes a variety of athletic shoes for many different sports. adidas F50 adizero soccer shoes are shoes worn on or off the soccer field. Read on for more information about the features and different styles offered by the adidas F50 adizero soccer shoes.

What features do the adidas F50 adizero soccer cleats have?

Some of the features of these sneakers include:

  • A Hybridtouch synthetic upper
  • 3D DribbleTex print texture
  • Weatherproof barrier
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Stud shapes
  • Leather and synthetic material
  • Synthetic suede heel liner
How do you know what type of cleat to select?

You can select the type of adidas soccer cleat you need by keeping in mind the turf and conditions it will be used at. Use these guidelines to help you select soccer cleats with the stud size and pattern for your specific needs:

  • Firm surfaces: The TRAXION FG outsole is designed to be worn on natural, firm surfaces.
  • Soft or wet grass: The TRAXION SG, with aluminum-tipped studs, grips soft or wet surfaces.
  • Hard surfaces: The TRAXION HG grips hard surfaces.
  • Artificial surfaces: AG is specific to newer turf surfaces .
  • AT: Multi-turf surfaces, small rubber studs.
  • IN: Indoor or flat court soccer play.
  • Check the width and length of your foot for sizing.
What soccer shoe colors are available?

The adidas F50 adizero soccer shoes are available in a range of colors such as:

  • Black
  • Solar Red
  • White
  • Solar or Metallic Gold
  • Solar Slime
  • Blue
How do you clean and care for adizero F50 shoes?

To care for and clean your adidas adizero F50 shoes, follow the manufacturer's instructions. You can also use the following guidelines:

  • Laces: Remove the adidas laces to wash, if they become soiled. You may also need to replace your laces from time to time if they become stained or worn.
  • Spot clean: To spot clean, use a damp soft cloth with a mild soap or detergent.
  • Drying: Allow your cleats to air dry, on a clean dry surface, at room temperature. You can also use a dry towel to wipe off your soccer cleats.
  • Odors: Remove your adidas insoles overnight or sprinkle them with baking soda. Be sure to shake off the baking soda before the next use.
  • When your laces become dry, adjust and lace up your soccer shoes.
  • Once the soccer shoes dry, wrap them in newspaper and place in your shoe bag.