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Acrylic Body Electric Guitars

Acrylic Body Electric Guitars

Since the dawn of electric guitars, manufacturers continuously push the limit of what they make. From headless basses to skeleton guitars, there are many different types of electric guitars that are unique both in the way they produce sound and their physical appearance. One type of guitar that is sure to turn heads is an electric guitar with an acrylic body. While acrylic electric and bass guitars do not see much use, they remain an eclectic option that is truly one of a kind.

What is An Acrylic Body Guitar?

Although not a new material, most manufacturers dont commonly use acrylic to make guitars.

  • Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic, which is a see-through polymer that manufacturers can mold into any desired shape when heated to a high enough temperature.
  • This allows manufacturers and craftsman to create electric guitar and bass bodies out of acrylic, which, when hardened, are completely clear and see-through.
  • Though created as early as the 1960s, acrylic guitars dont see very much use. The first well-known guitar made out of this material was the 1961 Stratocaster created from Lucite.

What is the Advantage of An Acrylic Body Guitar?

One of the first questions you may be asking is, why go acrylic? Without a doubt, the reason some people choose an acrylic guitar is because of the aesthetic.

  • While manufacturers can make guitars out of dozens of different types of wood, its impossible to get a transparent guitar body out of the conventional materials.
  • Acrylic guitars and basses fill an important role, as they serve as the only way to get that see-through aesthetic that some people adore.
  • Because the guitars are transparent, many manufacturers include internal LED lights to create a truly unique effect. Musicians can also add their own customizable lights after purchasing.

What is the Main Consideration When Purchasing An Acrylic Guitar?

Before purchasing an acrylic body electric guitar or bass guitar, its important to know the key considerations.

  • The main element to keep in mind when deciding whether an acrylic guitar is right for you, besides personal preference of the aesthetic, is the weight. Acrylic is quite a bit heavier than the typical woods used to make guitars, so your instrument will be much heavier, which can affect both performing and transporting.
  • Because the biggest drawback to an acrylic body is the weight, there are multiple features to look out for to reduce that weight. One is chambering, which means the manufacturer strategically places chambers throughout the guitars solid body to reduce mass. The other options are a thinner neck to compensate or a slimmer body altogether.