Honda Civic del Sol A/C Hoses and Fittings

The hoses and fittings in the A/C system of your Honda Civic del Sol play an important role. These components allow the Freon to move through the various A/C components to help keep you cool. You can find a variety of Honda Civic del Sol A/C hoses and fittings to complete repairs.

What are some tips for selecting A/C hoses and fittings?

Selecting A/C hoses and fittings for your Honda Civic del Sol can be difficult with the number of options available for your car. Following these tips can be helpful when making a selection:

  • Select hoses and fittings that are compatible with your car. You will want to know the make, model, and year. In some instances the company will switch the parts used in the middle of the year. Knowing the production date can be helpful when you need to find this information.
  • Select a style. There are a variety of material options and fitting styles that can work with your A/C system.
  • Select a brand. You can choose from direct factory replacements or from a variety of third party components that are compatible with your model.
What types of A/C fittings are there for your car?

Understanding the different types of fittings for your A/C system can help with the selection process. They play an important role in connecting the various hoses to the system.

  • Flare fittings are a compression style of fitting usually made from soft steel, copper, and aluminum. These fittings form a seal so that the hose is airtight.
  • O-ring fittings consist of a rubber O-ring and male and female threading. These are designed to provide a leak free connection and are used in medium- to high-pressure systems.
  • Spring lock couplings are held together by a garter spring and a cage that keeps the fittings from being pulled apart. Some spring lock fittings will also have a retaining clip as a secondary locking feature.
What features should you look for with A/C hoses?

When selecting hoses for your vehicles A/C system, there are different types of features that you should look for. You will want to select from a material that can withstand both high pressure and a variety of temperatures. Some A/C hoses will have a metal braiding that reinforces the material as well. You will also want to select from hoses that can house a variety of fittings so that it can be compatible with your Del Sols existing system.

What companies manufacture A/C hoses and fittings for your Civic?

When you need to replace a hose or fitting in your Honda Civic del Sol, you have a variety of companies to choose from. If you prefer to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, you will want to select from hoses and fittings manufactured by Honda. OEM components are built to the same factory specifications as the original parts installed in your Honda Civic del Sol. Four seasons, Santech Industries, FJC, and other companies also manufacture aftermarket fittings and hoses that will fit your Honda Civic del Sol. Most performance parts are offered by aftermarket manufacturers.